Hire Certified Employees

Hiring certified employees can help you because:

  • 93% of those hiring for IT positions report finding the right candidate for job openings is a huge challenge1.
  • 91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process1.
  • 93% said IT certifications enable employers to learn faster when starting a job1.

CompTIA certifications simplify the hiring process by providing proof of a baseline knowledge and skill-set needed for IT jobs. Certifications map to specific job roles, so you know a CompTIA-certified job candidate has the skills and knowledge to do the job and start contributing with little ramp up time.

IT-certified professionals:

  • Offer knowledge gains for your staff.
  • Ensure a common foundation of knowledge.
  • Provide proven experience.
  • Deliver high job performance.
  • Improve staff retention.
  • Reduce IT security risks.
  • Add value to the organization.

Want to learn more?

Download Beat the Skills Gap: 7 Reasons To Hire IT Certified Staff.


The support from CompTIA has had a direct impact on our ability to increase customer satisfaction.

Diego Ripamonti

program manager, Dell

Offices with a higher rate of CompTIA-certified staff have outperformed those with a lower rate of CompTIA-certified staff.

Masayuki Takishita

Tact Machine Service Co. Ltd.

How to Use Certifications in Hiring

  1. Identify the job skills needed for the roles.
  2. Use the CompTIA IT Certifications Roadmap to select certifications that best map to the job description. 
  3. List certifications as requirements in open job descriptions.
  4. Look for the appropriate CompTIA certifications on candidate resumes. You can also find certifications on LinkedIn profiles now, highlighted with the CompTIA logo!
  5. Be sure to ask candidates for a copy of their certifications or contact CompTIA to verify their credentials.


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