Certifications Turn Professionals Into ​Experts

CompTIA certifications validate the skills your IT team needs and the IT training it has. Our vendor-neutral certifications are proven to help employees better understand technologies, gain problem-solving skills, and be more productive and effective.

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Why Hiring Certified People Matters

CompTIA certifications not only simplify the hiring process by ​confirming knowledge and skills, they also map to specific job roles. ​A CompTIA-certified job candidate ​can become a valuable contributor to your team immediately.

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Certifications Impact Your Business

Adding certifications to your business is a critical component of success. A recent study conducted by IDC found that CompTIA-certified professionals outperformed non-certified staff in factors such as knowledge, job performance, reliability and proficiency.

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Wh​at Certifications Are Right for My ​Organization?

Not sure which certifications to look at? CompTIA offers 15 certifications that cover a range of technologies across various skill levels. Find out which CompTIA certifications can benefit your organization.

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Showcase Your Expertise

Do you manage a team of CompTIA certified professionals? Are at least 80% of them CompTIA certified? Apply for the CompTIA Certified Team Award, get recognized and showcase your organization!

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