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CompTIA certifications can help your students because:

  • Nearly 1 million IT job openings are currently available in the U.S.1
  • Over two million CompTIA certifications have been awarded worldwide.
  • 91% of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process​2.

Launching a career in IT often takes more than a degree. Helping your students earn a CompTIA certification provides them the job-ready skills that employers are looking for today.  

Why CompTIA Certifications ​Matter

CompTIA certifications are developed by the IT industry and are tied to real IT industry jobs.  The skills and knowledge measured by CompTIA certifications are derived from industry-wide job task analysis and are validated by subject matter experts around the world. 

Employers are under constant pressure to hire highly skilled IT professionals. They need staff that can provide them with a performance advantage. Recent research shows that staff with CompTIA certifications performs better than staff that are not certified.

With CompTIA certifications, your college or university:

  • Can train on current, industry-driven skills standards.
  • Can provide students validated, job-ready IT skills.
  • Can attract students by offering credit for existing certifications.
  • Can take advantage of certification exam discounts and other resources through the CompTIA Academy Program.

Additionally, your students:

  • Acquire essential skills and confidence for their career in IT and demonstrate better marketable skills for employment.
  • Show industry-recognized documentation of skills and knowledge they’ve obtained.
  • Achieve higher salaries than non-certified students3.

CompTIA has good benchmarks so students know what’s expected.

Abner Soto

IT Instructor, LAYC Career Academy

We feel very strongly about certification as a means to help students feel confident in their skills.

Jason Eckert

Dean of Technology,
triOS College Business Technology Healthcare

Become a CompTIA Authorized Academy

The CompTIA Authorized Partner Program for Academy Partners offers a robust educational program designed to assist academic institutions, nonprofit organizations and government retraining agencies in enhancing the learning experience for students preparing for an IT career.

The program includes exam discounts, information, tools and resources designed to help school administrators and instructors plan, prepare and deliver an effective IT curriculum.

Learn more about the CompTIA Authorized Partner Program for Academy Partners.

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