• Work from Home – or Anywhere – with a Remote IT Job

    Have you been dreaming of finding a remote IT job? We've compiled a few tips with the help of Apex Systems to help you find and land a job that will let you work from anywhere.
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  • CompTIA Certifications Give IT Pro a Broad Knowledge Base

    Brazilian IT pro Edgar Ueno has done higher-level IT work for an impressive list of big-name companies over the past decade – and he started out at the help desk. He recently took the next big step in his career, thanks to his technology acumen, dedication and certification.
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  • 5 Tech Trends to Watch: New Products and Predictions

    As more digital devices become interconnected, how will virtual reality, 3D printing, apps and drones ultimately affect our understanding of the Internet of Things?
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  • What Are America’s Best Jobs? Just Ask an IT Pro!

    Are you looking to switch jobs? Wondering what career path to take? If your interest lies in IT, you’re in luck because four out of the five best jobs in America are in your field, according to Glassdoor.
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  • The E Word: How Encryption Techniques, Apps and Security Are Changing the Way We Communicate

    Never before have issues of security and personal freedom gone quite so mainstream. As discussions continue among both IT pros and consumers, the biggest issues may not be what happens when the government seeks to intervene with corporate guidelines, but how issues like encryption will change the way we protect and share data on a massive scale.
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  • Lambton College Class Offers Real-World Experience with CompTIA Project+

    Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, has a unique, immersive hands-on way of teaching project management. But it’s not just the innovative teaching method that sets Lambton College project management students up for success. It’s also the CompTIA Project+-based curriculum.
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  • CompTIA Subject Matter Expert Sees Value in Certs for Non-Technical Staff

    Tim Niles, manager of enterprise content at the University of Michigan, oversees a team that facilitates today’s digitally enhanced academic experience. As a CompTIA Subject Matter Expert, he brings industry knowledge to the exams, and as a manager he sees the value certs have for all staff – not just the technical ones.
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  • Need a Job? These In-Demand CompTIA Certifications May Help You Get There

    In a competitive IT job market, employers look for three CompTIA certifications time and time again. Find out which skills hiring managers most often seek and how they fit into today’s IT workforce.
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  • IT Pros Matter: When Uptime Is All the Time

    On January 22, U.S. travelers heard the unwelcome news that all domestic United Airlines flights had been grounded due to a computer glitch. According to Reuters, flights were only grounded for about an hour. Having skilled IT pros on hand to select the best equipment options, configure them properly and keep them running is becoming more and more important in every organization because operating in an always-connected environment means that service disruptions can have a serious impact.
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  • Which CompTIA Certification Is Right for You?

    Whether you recently graduated, are looking to move up the career ladder or want to change careers, IT has numerous opportunities you can pursue. But how do you decide which certification makes the most sense for you and your career path?
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