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by CompTIA | Oct 25, 2018


When it comes to passing an IT certification exam, confidence is key. Without self-assurance, careful planning and exam preparation may not give you the results you want.

Pranita, the CompTIA intern who is getting CompTIA A+ certified, fully understands the role confidence plays in the IT certification process.. Although Pranita had zero IT experience and doubted her capacity for developing tech skills, she was able to overcome her fears and continue moving toward her goal of preparing for a career in cybersecurity law.   

3 Ways to Build Confidence for the CompTIA A+ Certification

Going after a professional IT certification is no small undertaking. It requires a financial investment, time, energy, planning, preparation and confidence. Because of her minimal IT skills and knowledge of CompTIA A+ concepts, Pranita was not convinced she’d be exam ready. In fact, after reading the beginning of her CompTIA A+ test prep study guide, she almost threw in the towel. Thankfully, she was able to push through by implementing these strategies:   

1. Forming a support network – When Pranita felt discouraged about her ability to earn the CompTIA A+ certification, she leaned on others for support. Jacob, an IT intern at CompTIA, answered many of her questions, as did others who comprised the support network that kept her on track.

2. Connecting with IT pros – Since Pranita started her CompTIA A+ test prep process having no knowledge of information technology, she found it helpful to connect with CompTIA pros who had also started their IT journeys without any tech skills or field experience. These individuals explained to her that she didn’t need a degree in IT to pursue CompTIA certifications and be successful in a tech-related career.  

3. Finding an IT role model – While Pranita had IT role models within CompTIA, she also found a mentor outside of the company: one of her professors who specialized in the ethics of technology. Since Pranita wants to go into cybersecurity law after gaining a basic tech skill set through the CompTIA A+ certification, this professor provided her with the inspiration she needed to press past intimidation.  

Tips for Managing IT Certification Stress

Confidence in test taking is more difficult to control and predict than any other aspect of the certification exam process.

Here are a few of Pranita’s tips to help you overcome the fear you may feel concerning an IT certification exam:  

  • Be aware that the first week of study may be, in Pranita’s words, brutal. Don’t judge yourself for being unfamiliar with foreign technical concepts. Sticking with a study plan will ensure everything becomes more familiar with time.
  • Find a mentor who can answer your questions and ease your anxieties about your certification exam. These may be friends or family who work in IT, IT staff at your current workplace or IT pros in online forums.
  • Remind yourself that a passion for learning, not experience or an IT degree, is needed for successfully gaining tech skills and passing your exam.

Pranita boosted her test-taking confidence by implementing these tips, and you can, too.  

Start preparing for CompTIA A+ with the Official CompTIA A+ Study Guide.

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