4 Reasons eBooks Are the Perfect Self-Study Tool for IT Pros

by Jessica Jones | Jul 11, 2018
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We are all constantly learning. About 70 to 90 percent of the knowledge we attain is absorbed informally, according to Growth Engineering. While many new skills are caught more than taught, traditional learning – in a classroom or through formal self-study – certainly has its place, especially in preparing for an IT certification exam.

There are dozens of ways to learn informally, but interestingly, there are really just two modes of formal learning: self-study and instructor-led study. Self-study is, as its name implies, self-guided and happens wherever the learner chooses. Those who prefer self-study are often self-directed, organized, self-paced and motivated by scheduling flexibility.

Both self-study and instructor-led study are great ways to learn, and there are training tools designed to cater to IT pros on both sides of the learning fence. In fact, using a combination of self-study and instructor-led study may position you best for success. When it comes to self-study, both printed books and eBooks are a great option.

4 Reasons eBooks Are the Perfect Self-Study Tool for IT Pros

Some people have very strong feelings about printed books versus eBooks. They enjoy the tactical sensation and muscle memory associated with flipping pages, highlighting sections and writing notes in the margin.

However, eBooks offer functionality that can appeal to the tech savvy. Here are four reasons why we think eBooks are the ideal training tool for IT pros who prefer to design and direct their own certification exam preparation program.

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  1. eBooks Are Convenient

    Accessible through smartphones, tablets, laptops and other personal mobile devices, eBooks are convenient. They can readily adapt to a variety of screen sizes and shapes and eliminate the physical weight and bulk of a printed book. And chances are, you’re carrying one of these devices with you anyway, so you’re likely to have your study material with you at all times.  

  2. eBooks Promote “Now” Learning

    Because eBooks can be accessed on a variety of devices, training can happen anywhere. For example, someone could use time spent waiting in line at the post office to read a paragraph or two of an eBook on their smartphone. Interacting with training materials in this way is referred to as microlearning and has been proven to increase knowledge retention.

  3. eBooks Have Added Functionality

    There are certain features eBooks have that traditional books will always lack. One is the search feature, which enables learners to type a word or phrase into the search bar and instantly find what they are looking for. No more flipping back through page after page looking for that section you read an hour, or a day, ago.

  4. eBooks Allow for Customization

    Some people love having a set learning schedule, but others find they do better when they can learn at random times. Self-study tools like books and eBooks allow IT pros to create their own training schedule and work at their own pace as they prepare for an upcoming IT certification exam rather than following an instructor’s curriculum and timeline.

The beauty of training is that you don’t have to choose just one mode. Many people learn best with a combination of self-study and instructor-led training because eBooks expertly supplement instructor-led courses and promote a deeper level of knowledge retention.  

Prep for Your IT Certification Exam with CompTIA Official Study Guides

Preparing for an IT certification exam is personal. Since everyone has a different learning style, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to learning. An eBook can be an important piece of the training puzzle.  

CompTIA official study guides are designed to make the exam-prep process as simple as possible for IT pros. The topics covered map directly to exam content to ensure that your studies focus on what you need to know for your exam.

No matter what side of the eBooks versus printed books argument you’re on, CompTIA has an official study guide to meet your needs.

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