James Stanger in the News: Talking Bug Bounty Programs to Address Vulnerability Management Needs

by James Stanger | May 01, 2018

For some time now, organizations have experienced a growing need for security professionals with expertise in vulnerability management. However, it is either too expensive to maintain such a team or they have difficulty finding enough resources in the market.

Bug bounty programs offer an efficient solution by making available a pool of skilled security consultants to take on these vulnerability management issues and to help companies develop comprehensive product security programs going forward.

However, these programs will only be effective if they are equipped and managed by skilled and talented professionals. As noted by James Stanger, the chief technology evangelist at CompTIA, “A bug bounty program is more than putting up a page with code. You have to have really good people who can act on and interpret what they're seeing. They need to be able to handle the input.”

Read more about Bug Bounty Programs at TechTarget.

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