5 Reasons to Join CompTIA AITP

by Debra B. McCraw | Jul 17, 2017

A group of IT pros waiting to get into CompTIA AITPBy now, you’ve probably heard the excitement over CompTIA’s Association of IT Professionals (AITP), but do you know what it’s all about? If you’re looking for a way to connect with other IT pros, gain access to exclusive research and training, and boost your career, then CompTIA AITP is right for you! Here are five reasons why you should raise your hand to join the IT industry’s most exciting IT pro association.

  1. Land Your Dream Job: TechTalent powered by CompTIA does the heavy lifting to help you create your resume, find jobs and land your dream job. Our powerful resume builder translates your skills and experience into the same language recruiters use so you can apply for jobs designed with you in mind. TechTalent Job Pulse gives you insight into the job market so you know what skills are in demand and how much others in your field make, enabling you to negotiate better.
  2. Connect with Tech Professionals: CompTIA AITP has chapters across the United States to meet the needs of the local IT community. Each chapter is unique, offering different events and member benefits, but what remains the same is the knowledge sharing and support that happens between members – from students to CIOs, new graduates to retirees. Connect with tech professionals in your area, virtually and in person, and shape the future of the IT industry. (Nominal chapter dues apply.)
  3. Improve Your Skills: CompTIA AITP IT Pro and Associate members have access to BizLibrary, a curated library of training modules to help them advance in their careers. The on-demand, self-paced training sessions are led by experts on topics including communication, productivity, leadership and more.
  4. Access Resources at Your Fingertips: Get the latest IT industry insights with access to exclusive CompTIA research, and take charge of your career with proven, actionable tips from the CompTIA AITP Career Resources library. We’ve hand-selected IT research and career resources for CompTIA AITP members and update continuously. 
  5. Save on CompTIA Products and Everyday Purchases: As a CompTIA AITP member, you’ll get a discount on CompTIA training products and certification vouchers. You’ll also save on CompTIA events, like ChannelCon and the Council and Communities Forum, as well as on purchases from national retailers Hertz, GEICO and FedEx.

Don’t wait! Join today!


  • Marfo Emmanuel

    Wednesday, August 23, 2017

    I really love comptia courses

  • Arvin Pyawasay I

    Monday, August 28, 2017

    I am a recent graduate of MATC All is campus , former AITP president and found raiser.living in Northeastern Wisconsin Area, volunteering at local College of the Menomonee Nation in Keshena and searching for more training to get my feet in the door for successful employment.

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