CompTIA Certifications Help Sharp Provide Well-Rounded Customer Support

by Debra B. McCraw | Apr 10, 2017

Sharp's certified team wearing jackets with the CompTIA Network+ logoSharp Business Systems of North Carolina’s service department helps customers troubleshoot their Sharp devices. But it doesn’t end there. What sets Sharp apart from its competitors is that its technicians work to find a solution. Period. So, that may mean working on Sharp products, or it may mean identifying issues and finding solutions for computers, networks or anything else that may not be working quite right.

“Our techs are responsible for resolving the issue, no matter what,” said Lee Cook, technical trainer for Sharp USA. “It’s a differentiator between our service department and some of our competitors. We have one team that works as a team, and everyone can do basic troubleshooting.”

Rather than specializing in one skill or one product, Sharp technicians are well-rounded IT pros who can fix anything, which is why the team is required to have CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ certifications.

[CompTIA certifications] add another layer of knowledge to their skill set. Studying the material and taking the tests is teaching them how to utilize and work with these environments. It’s giving them another tool to work from.

“The way the industry is going, there’s more computer knowledge to interface with these machines,” Cook said. “We really like employees to have one or the other certification when they start.”

Although Sharp prefers to hire staff who already hold these certifications, Cook said new employees who don’t have them can work to obtain them within their first year of employment. To give them every opportunity for success, Cook and Service Manager Kirk Leonard help employees prepare for the exam using products like CompTIA CertMaster, assorted study materials and performance-based question simulators. Employees are encouraged to form study groups, and those who already have certifications tutor those who don’t yet.

“It adds another layer of knowledge to their skill set,” Cook said. “Studying the material and taking the tests is teaching them how to utilize and work with these environments. It’s giving them another tool to work from.”

Out of 71 team members, 57 have CompTIA A+ and 39 have CompTIA Network+. Cook himself earned his A+ certification 22 years ago and believes it’s what got his foot in the door at Sharp. With more than 80 percent of the team holding CompTIA A+ certification, Sharp Business Systems of North America received the CompTIA Certified Team Award.

“I like the programs, and I like what it adds to our service department,” Cook said.

Congratulations to Sharp Business Systems of North Carolina!

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