The USS Enterprise Crew Gets CompTIA Certified

by Ashlyn Keefe | Jul 22, 2016

In anticipation of Star Trek Beyond, out July 22, we’ve paired up some of our favorite Star Trek characters with our most popular IT certifications! It was tough to whittle down the list, but we’ve matched the characters with the CompTIA certifications we think they’re best suited for. Go boldly where no man has gone before and check out our list!

Captain Kirk: Project+

Captain Kirk was the boldest and brashest Starfleet captain there ever was. Brilliant. Demanding. Confident. Kirk was always there to lead and defend his crew on their great adventures through space. Who wouldn’t want a captain that could wax poetic about the possibilities for knowledge one second and the next second tackle a Gorn in hand-to-hand combat? Like Captain Kirk would ever need a phaser when he had his bare hands! His superior leadership skills are what make Captain T. Kirk the best CompTIA Project+ candidate across time and space.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Network+

Captain Jean-Luc Picard was a leader ahead of his time; a next generation leader, you might say. Never one for unthinking action, he was a cautious and contemplative captain who always listened to his crew’s input and opinions. For Picard, communication was a matter of patience and imagination. He proved his commitment to that ideal during a tense 24 hours trying to learn Tamarian! Picard’s calm and collected confidence make him the ideal CompTIA Network+ candidate. There will be no “Shaka, when the walls fell” with Captain Picard around!


Spock: CASP

Spock, son of Sarek, is impossible to miss. You might think of pointed ears or the Vulcan salute, but Spock’s logic and supreme intellect are what set him apart from the Starship Enterprise crew. In the words of Mr. Spock, “Being a red-blooded human has its disadvantages.” Well, thanks to his Vulcan heritage, he can emotionally detach himself during precarious situations and depend on his intelligence to get himself and the crew out of danger. With his green blood and superior critical thinking and judgement, nobody but the one and only Spock could be the perfect CompTIA CASP candidate.


Scotty: Server+

More than just a man with a brogue, Scotty was the chief engineer who kept the Enterprise in tip-top shape. He knew the ship like the back of his hand and could often be seen sweet-talking the engines, also known as “his lovelies.” It’s no secret he preferred tinkering with the warp drive than talking with his compatriots, but the crew could always depend on him to handle any technology problems. From anti-matter pods to the teleportation beam, Scotty’s universal knowledge of tech hardware makes him the quintessential candidate for CompTIA Server+.

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Data: Security+

When it comes to security, Data is your man. Well, er, cyborg. His immunity to biological diseases meant he often came to the rescue of his human crew, and boy were they thankful that Data didn’t dream like the rest of them! He used his incredible positron brain power time and time again to help fix the Enterprise and ensure all on board stayed safe. He placed the security of his crew-mates before his own to the very end when he sacrificed himself to save Captain Picard — it’s why we think Data is the ultimate CompTIA Security+ candidate.


Lieutenant Uhura: A+

She may have been the Head of Communications but Lieutenant Uhura used her prowess and wide range of skills to excel at everything she did. She stepped in to act as bridge officer, manned the helm, directed navigation and even took charge of the science station when needed. Rewiring the communications systems with a bypass circuit even though she hadn’t done it in several years? No problem — there was no one better equipped for the job. Uhura’s ability to meet and succeed at any challenge thrown her way makes her the perfect CompTIA A+ candidate.


Dr. McCoy: Linux+

Nobody could deliver a dry one-liner like Bones, but his wealth of medical and surgical knowledge is what made him indispensable. This was the man who used his skills to develop an anti-aging serum (all without help from the ship’s computers) and save his fellow crew members in the nick of time. It was Bones who helped the ailing Horta with his ingenious idea of thermal concrete. You could say Bones has enough foundational knowledge to cure a rainy day! All this just goes to show why Dr. McCoy is our top pick for CompTIA Linux+.


We hope you fellow techies and trekies enjoyed our post! As always, live long and prosper.

Ashlyn Keefe is a freelance writer located in the Chicagoland area.


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