CompTIA Certification: Not Just for Humans

by CompTIA | Jun 21, 2016

CompTIA is proud of our certifications’ use in the global workforce. With exams available in several languages covering the most commonly used technology and operating systems, CompTIA certifications don’t just have worldwide appeal - they’re universal.

In fact, our certs are so out-of-this-world that we decided to pair them up with some of our favorite aliens and extra-terrestrials. These beings spend most of their time studying new life forms and saving the world, but we like to think they’d fit pretty well into the IT world. Whether you’re human, superhuman or another species entirely, there’s a CompTIA certification out there for you.

Blowing up Starkiller Base: Project+

Spoiler alert; though if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens by now, you’ve probably had to deal with some key details leaking out. So, here it is; in the seventh Star Wars movie, the Resistance, now backed by the New Republic, once again has to blow up a giant globe of a space station (in this case it’s a whole planet) constructed by the Galactic Empire’s New Order. Cinematic dramatics aside, what this amounts to is a project. You’ve got to identify the target, meet with key stakeholders, go through a scope of work (likely provided by a Bothan, who may have died to bring you that information), set a launch date and deploy. Mon Mothma probably has Project+!


Spock: Linux+

Everything from the world’s most complex supercomputers to millions of consumer mobile devices boils down to a single operating system: Linux. So pursuing the CompTIA Linux+ certification isn’t just the logical choice, it’s the only choice. And with the mastery of complex computer systems that comes with his Vulcan mind and Starfleet training, Spock could easily develop the next generation of our Web, network and mobile innovations—provided he can get an exemption from the Prime Directive.


Optimus Prime: Security+

Nobody takes their duty to keep Earth safe more seriously than Optimus Prime and his team of Autobots. It’s almost as if the CompTIA Security+ certification was made for him. With a fully-stocked arsenal including holographic maps, hydro-foils and optic blasts, Optimus knows that the job of security requires a wide array of tools. He would also love Security+’s high-pressure emphasis on the world’s most critical computer systems. This cert attracts natural leaders like him.


Yoda: CASP

He’s a Grand Jedi Master, the most powerful of the Masters and the trainer of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. It’s safe to say that Yoda has a very advanced security resume. And for the most challenging jobs a galaxy far, far away has to offer, the CompTIA CASP certification is the key to success. CompTIA CASP won’t prevent the Star Wars prequels from happening, but it does make for an ally as powerful as the Force itself.


The Changelings (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine): Network+

If your home planet consists of a vast ocean of gelatinous morphogenic enzymes in which your entire species shares a collective conscience, the work of computer networking will come as child’s play. And for the Changelings’ most renowned humanoid representative, Constable Odo, CompTIA Network+’s additional emphasis on sensitive data and security principles will only complete the learning experience.


Mice (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy): Server+

Out of all CompTIA’s certifications, Server+ is the best companion for the mice from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. They are, after all, the “mere protrusion into our dimension of hyper-intelligent pan-dimensional beings who are the most intelligent species on the planet.” Besides which, these beings constructed the planet-sized computer, Deep Thought, to answer the meaning of life – demonstrating their commanding knowledge of server hardware and software technology. However, their ingenious server skills are best displayed with their second, infinitely complex computer designed to answer the Ultimate Question: Earth.


Superman: Cloud+

Superman might be a fixture here on Earth, but his bloodlines trace back to the alien planet, Krypton. Superman and Cloud+ make a great team. This certification covers the best practices for working in the cloud environment – incorporating skills for understanding and delivering cloud infrastructure. In addition to his cloud abilities (in his case; flying), Superman’s highly-advanced Kryptonian heritage means he’s predisposed to be a tech professional. Tackling the complexities of cloud technologies is a total breeze for him compared to saving the planet time and time again.


The Doctor: A+

We all know that the T.A.R.D.I.S. can be a little temperamental sometimes – especially when she gets pushed into parallel dimensions. Thankfully, the Doctor always has some technical expertise up his sleeve to fix the problem. It’s why he and the CompTIA A+ certification are the perfect match. The A+ certification makes sure you have the foundational skills and the know-how to work with all the latest and greatest technology. Whether it’s fixing the TARDIS, saving the world or using his sonic screwdriver to open pesky locked doors (except the ones made of out wood), the Doctor is ready to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice.



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