Fuji Xerox Gets Equipped Via CompTIA

by CompTIA | Jun 16, 2015

Fuji Xerox is known world-wide for its equipment; the latest, high-tech printers and production workflow software. But lesser known is the company’s shift from mere machine provider to full scale information and communication technology giant – in part thanks to CompTIA’s internationally recognized certification program.

When shifting into ICT document consultancy, Fuji Xerox knew it needed to acquire industry professional certifications based on job needs. Since starting to do so in 2013, the company headquarters in Hong Kong has acquired over 520 industry professional certificates. With the certifications rolling in, Fuji Xerox continues to boost its organizational capacity as the leader in ICT document consultant industry.

Fuji Xerox has been working closely with CompTIA, a top provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications, to provide its employees with the IT knowledge they need. In doing so, Fuji Xerox continues to boost its organizational capacity as the leader in the ICT document consultant industry.

Fuji Xerox currently provides numerous CompTIA exams for its employees, including CompTIA CDIA+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Cloud+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials and CompTIA Project+. To date, Fuji Xerox employees have earned over 250 CompTIA certifications. These certified professionals make a large contribution to the company’s solutions and services with the plethora of skills and knowledge they have garnered from CompTIA certifications.

And it’s not just general IT knowledge that Fuji Xerox seeks for its employees. Focused certifications that deal with specific IT divisions are fast becoming staples for the company. For its sales team, the retired Green IT certification was a large part of training, and today cloud technology has taken center stage at Fuji Xerox in order to complement its current product offerings. With vast amounts of sales and overall data being moved to the cloud, it’s essential that Fuji’s employees remain savvy with cloud practices. Thanks to CompTIA and the CompTIA Cloud+ and Cloud Essentials certifications, more than 120 sales employees are now well versed with cloud technologies.

Fuji Xerox’s service engineers are also increasing their commitment to expanding networking skills and knowledge. More than 100 Fuji Xerox engineers have earned their CompTIA Network+ certificates so far – with at least 80 percent of the service engineering team now certified. Project management is also becoming a central focus for the company’s management team. Fuji Xerox now provides the CompTIA Project+ exam to middle management, strengthening their PM skills when handling mega deals.

As the company looks forward to the latter half of this year, the focus remains on cloud and cybersecurity. Fuji plans on providing related CompTIA certifications like Cloud+, Cloud Essentials and CompTIA Security+ to key staff to enhance their knowledge and capabilities in the workplace. CompTIA Mobility+ is also being seriously considered as an important asset to some of the Fuji Xerox teams.

Fuji Xerox Hong Kong has benefitted greatly from CompTIA’s vendor neutral certifications. Not only has technological expertise grown but so has staff professionalism – all thanks to internal CompTIA certification training. The company looks forward to doing even more, eventually hoping to provide external training to aid customers with similar needs.

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