See What Happens When We Reach 1 Million A+ Certified IT Pros

by CompTIA | Sep 05, 2014

Picture this: You’ve been studying for months for your A+ exam. You wake up on exam morning, have a good breakfast and confidently arrive at your testing center. You’re ready, you’re focused and you know the material. You get through the exam with flying colors and as you click “end exam” on your computer screen you see that you’ve passed. You’re CompTIA A+ Certified!

And then — out of nowhere — confetti falls, trumpets sound and a huge sign rolls down from the ceiling: “Congratulations, you’re the ONE MILLIONTH IT pro to become A+ certified!” There’s fanfare and prizes and suddenly you’re a star!

It can happen — and it will happen soon. We’re so close to hitting the 1 million A+ certified mark. Could that lucky person be you?

Shine Bright in the IT World

In reality, there probably won’t be confetti or trumpets, but we do have something amazing planned for our 1 millionth A+ certified IT pro. We can’t tell you what that grand prize will be or when you can expect it, but if you’re currently studying for your A+ exam, hit the books and schedule your exam soon if you want a chance to be CompTIA’s millionth A+ earner.

While we can’t promise fanfare, it is entirely possible to become a star in the IT world. That’s because A+ certified professionals are 69 percent more likely to earn more, and hiring managers are a whopping 80 percent more likely to hire A+ certified candidates. If you’re looking to launch a star-studded career in IT, CompTIA A+ is your starting point. Don’t be left behind. Get A+ certified and see what happens when we reach 1 million certified IT pros.

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