Fuji Xerox Tokyo and CompTIA Project+ Form a Winning Combination

by CompTIA | Nov 01, 2013

Since 2008, Fuji Xerox Tokyo has tied its success serving customers to the core concept of CompTIA Project+ certification.

Shoji Kozawa, solution contact center chief for the customer contact department of Fuji Xerox Service Creative Co., Ltd., said Project+ was chosen as a requirement for manager-level staff in the hope of better understanding – and applying – employee learning achievement. “I thought [CompTIA] Project+ was a great tool to comprehensively detail what project management is and provide and validate the project management knowledge required in the work field,” Kozawa said. “Once our professionals understand the concept and skills of project management, they not only become more valuable themselves, but can also bring dramatic improvement in productivity and service to customers. We believe that this will lead to customer satisfaction.”

The site, which has utilized CompTIA certifications internally for customer-related services since 2008, is responsible for a broad range of products from software to large production machinery. Kozawa said, “We are required to have solid knowledge and expertise as well as skills to communicate with other related departments.” All managers at Fujui Xerox Tokyo have completed either CompTIA CDIA+ or CompTIA Project+. Kozawa, who previously served as section chief for the site’s customer support center, said such requirements help workers become better acquainted with the firm’s business, which in turn lead to better client interaction.

Having CompTIA-certified employees demonstrates to our business partners that we have the IT workforce to assure quality of our offerings.

“CompTIA Project+ was a great tool to comprehensively detail what project management is and validate the required knowledge in the work field,” he said. “We think the skills and knowledge that these certifications validate are essential and necessary for the bettering of services and attainment of customer confidence.”

Kozawa, a veteran of project management training programs, credited CompTIA Project+ with bleeding edge content and a challenging exam, something he relished.

“[Project+] actually took me longer to complete this exam compared to other CompTIA exams,” Kozawa said. “I had the impression that the project management case studies focused on much of the current working scenarios.”

Including new trends is crucial, for, as Kozawa said, “project management technique is something that keeps changing.” It’s also become essential to day-to-day operations.

Techniques of project management, Kozawa said, can be applied to interactions with customers that spark confidence, high levels of satisfaction and reassurance. “It is also not unusual to work with other departments such as the sales team or with system engineers, therefore knowing commonly understood terminology between teams beyond your own department is important,” Kozawa said.

With CompTIA Project+ in its corner, such goals for Fuji Xerox Tokyo may already be a thing of the past.

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