New Work Opportunities for CompTIA Certified Techs

by Kelsey Wieties | Mar 05, 2013

Are you highly skilled? Do you have (or nearly have) your certifications? Are you still job hunting? Think about contracting. It allows you to put your skills to work, get paid and test out different companies at the same time.

CompTIA recently partnered with Field Nation, a leading provider of independent field service technicians to the computer service industry. The new partnership is designed to help bring paying work to certified IT pros. It helps IT pros on the hunt for short- or long-term contractor positions tailored to their specific needs.

By signing up for free with Field Nation, you gain access to more than 1,000 currently posted jobs that require CompTIA certifications. The site is easily searchable by the certifications required for a particular job, the type of work needed and even by your location.

Since many contracting positions often lead to full-time jobs or long-term assignments, Field Nation is an excellent launching pad for your career in the computer service industry. Get started at

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