Japanese Firm Builds Training Through CompTIA

by Jim Staats | Jan 14, 2013
Hitomi Ito

For one venerable professional services firm in Japan, the value of a well-trained employee is established the moment he or she walks through the front door.

Tokyo-based Quest Co., Ltd. can attribute a long history of successful client relationships to an adaptable, knowledgeable and skilled workforce. For the past few years, CompTIA has helped Quest achieve that goal for employees both new and experienced.

The company added CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Server+ to a stable of certification courses available for established employees. Since 2011, the firm has provided CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals for all new hires as part of its new employee training program.

The certification ensures a solid understanding of technology and computer hardware basics, software installations, security issues, green IT and computer maintenance.

Hitomi Ito, a lead in the technology promotion group at Quest's Tokyo office, has taken advantage of her employer's training offerings to earn several CompTIA certifications, with more planned in the future. She sees the benefits for employee and employer alike.

"Certifications to me are the driving power to grow," said Ito. "To my employer, it's used as an engine for the advancement of their new employees."

Inclusion in Job Training Program

Since the CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals program for new hires was established as part of a two-month job training program, each and every incoming employee has successfully earned the certification — 12 employees in 2011 and another 11 employees in 2012.

For Quest, which has grown from a data-entry business in 1965 to its current bandwidth of business services that include system development, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing, such a foundation is key to a workforce expected to hit the ground running. The company has a current workforce of nearly 700 employees.

Ito, whose duties have included server monitoring, recovery handling and overseeing in-house IT technical training programs, sees a dual benefit for new hires to the organization.

"As they challenge the exam and acquire a sense of achievement, they get off on the right foot as an IT engineer," she said.

Building a Solid Basis

Ito's certifications include CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+ and CompTIA Security+.

"I think certifications are more important as they work as a measuring tool for a third party to see an engineer's skill," she said. "Training for CompTIA certifications developed my IT skills and broadened my outlook and career."

Becoming certified, Ito said, has also allowed her to become a part of CompTIA's subject matter expert community.

"Through community activities I've met IT experts and hopefuls that I've learned many things from and the opportunity drives me to want to grow more," she said.

Following the current industry trend, Ito's next plans include CompTIA Cloud Essentials and CompTIA CTT+ certifications.

Many Quest employees such as Ito were introduced to CompTIA offerings when their managers told them such certifications exist that evaluate standard IT skills without dependence on particular vendors.

"CompTIA certifications let you learn both universal IT foundations and recent trends," Ito said. "Engineers can build up a solid basis with it."

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