CompTIA Looking for Digital Information Management Pros for Beta Exam

by Leslie Hague | Oct 30, 2012

CompTIA is looking for digital information management professionals to participate in a beta exam of the updated CompTIA CDIA+ certification.

IT professionals can take the test for free — and will be certified if they pass — but will not get their scores until the new exam version is released in 2013.

Beta testing is one of the final steps in the CompTIA exam development process. Beta testers take a version of the exam with more questions than will be on the final exam. CompTIA uses beta tester answers and comments to evaluate which questions most accurately predict technical competence and knowledge in each test area.

Only the best questions are selected for the final version of the exam, and any questions that are ambiguous, too easy or too difficult will be eliminated. CompTIA also sets the minimum passing grade for the exam after analyzing beta testing results, and beta tests are graded on this final scale.

In order for CompTIA to get useful beta statistics, it is important that those who take the exam be at the target experience level. The target participant is a records management or digital information solutions provider with two years of experience in business and workflow analysis, integration of content imaging systems with business applications and project management, knowledge and design of secure scanning technology infrastructure and capture solutions.

The first 400 people to take the beta exam using promo code CDIAENG (for the English exam) or CDIAJP (for the Japanese exam) will be able to take the test for free at Pearson VUE testing centers. Results from the exam will not be available until the live exam launches in 2013. Your results will be sent to you directly at that time, and those who pass the exam will become certified.

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