Weekly Word on the Street: Cloud Jobs on the Rise

by Jim Staats | Oct 05, 2012

Takeaway of the week is regardless of the season, it seems, the binge continues for talented IT workers with the right combination of skills and experience. Cloud computing isn't just big in the IT industry, but in the IT job market as well, and don't count yourself out of the market just because you might be thought of as "over-the-hill."

IT Jobs in the Cloud

Wondering where to find today's high-value IT jobs?

They're right where the industry as a whole is going: The cloud.

At least that's the predominant analysis of industry executives, insiders and hiring experts, according to a recent article in InfoWorld.com.

The time is right — and right now — for talented IT professionals with skills and experience developing, deploying and managing applications and services in the cloud.

As David Foote, whose Foote Partners tracks IT compensation, certifications and employment, states, "The light has gone on in the heads of CIOs and CEOs, and a gap between supply (of IT personnel with skills for the cloud) and demand has opened up."

The article notes that a number of high-profile public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, are in the midst of a hiring frenzy.

Job market statistics back this up.

According to recent figures found at Dice.com, there were 10,771 job postings deemed cloud-related this past August, a 31 percent increase when compared to 8,217 such postings a year ago.

Some of the specific skills sought include Linux experience, hands-on scripting experience with Python and Ruby, networking and languages such as Java, C++ and Ruby on Rails.

Candidates interested in diving in, but not necessarily equipped with specific cloud experience can still apply.

Hiring managers in this space realize the cloud sector is still relatively new and aren't likely to turn away great talent.

As one executive said, "A great software engineer is a great software engineer."

IT professionals can demonstrate their cloud knowledge through earning the CompTIA Cloud Essentials certification.

Survey: Older Workers Valued

No matter how many pierced, tattooed twenty-somethings are spotted roaming — with coffee or green tea in hand — the high-tech corridors of New York, Silicon Valley and Seattle, recent economic trends have strengthened the value of an older workforce, a new survey suggests.

Nearly two-thirds of hiring managers state a preference for hiring older workers over candidates from the millennial generation, according to the survey from recruitment firm Adecco Staffing US.

As Joyce Russell, president of Adecco said, "The rise of mature workers in today's workforce is a direct result of economic and societal factors.

"These are individuals who long ago paid their dues, and given their years of experience and work ethic, they make excellent job candidates and strong employees — and the results of this survey show how overwhelmingly appreciated and valued they are by hiring managers," Russell said.

The survey, conducted by Braun Research Inc. and discussed in a recent post on Forbes.com, also points out that more than 90 percent of respondents believe older workers are more reliable, and 88 percent value their professionalism.

The biggest barrier for the more mature workers, according to respondents to the survey, is the challenge in learning and adapting to new technology.

Russell said older workers in search of employment need to understand "what they want out of a job and to seek out opportunities that allow them to combine their skill sets with their personal interests while keeping in mind what hiring managers want to see during their interview."

How to Keep that Hot IT Hire

You've just landed one of the hottest, most in-demand items of the fall season — a gifted technical professional.

Congratulations on making it through the hiring hurdle. The next task is to keep this hot commodity within your grasp.

With so many options available to talented technical workers these days, employee turnover in the engineering world is a tricky and costly affair for employers.

A new item in CIO.com offers a handful of helpful tips to be considered by employers seeking to make their organization an enticing one.

Some of their tips:

  • Set strong expectations: Clear and concise job duties from the start help to simplify and strengthen the career path of today's inundated IT worker.
  • Open communication: Walk the walk and talk the talk, from the veteran worker to the newbie, in whatever form or fashion will help build morale.
  • Promote from within: Witnessing co-workers add to their responsibilities offers an immediate career map.
  • Perks: Offering more than annual cost-of-living raises, stock options and other perks such as employer-supplied meals always helps.
  • Meet your employees: Don't wait until an exit interview to probe the mindset of an employee; learn what you're doing right to retain the workers who stay with a "stay interview."

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