O’Sullivan Finds IT Career Success on the Pitch

by Janet Pinkerton | May 07, 2012

Dan O'Sullivan’s new IT career gives him plenty of diversity in both what he does and whom he works with. Six months after he earned CompTIA A+ and Microsoft certifications, O'Sullivan holds two IT jobs in the United Kingdom. He works for Venatrack, whose software tracks movement in football matches ("soccer" matches for American readers) and provides 3D digital playback for post-match analysis. He also provides IT support for Norsk European, an international logistics company.

His day-to-day work involves setting up, testing and fixing IT systems and software to ensure that complex networks function correctly. On match days, he is on hand to support clients using Venatrack software to make sure the system runs perfectly.

"I'm already earning a great wage in a career I see myself in for the rest of my life," O'Sullivan says, adding, "Now I wake up each morning knowing I'm doing something I love."

O'Sullivan credits his early career success to the CompTIA and Microsoft certifications. "Both are internationally recognized," and having them on a resume is a "massive advantage."

Anyone interested in technology should consider a career in IT, he believes. "It's interesting, varied and rewarding—and we'll always need IT professionals," he says. "Technology is changing the world, and to put it bluntly, that's where the money is."

For more details, see Dan O’Sullivan’s personal success story.


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