Transition in Malaysia Buffered by CompTIA Project+

by Jim Staats | Nov 02, 2011

Jimmy Hooh Chee Ming had considerable experience after 28 years in the IT field, but still sought a little extra insurance to bolster his transition into a full-time project management role.

His co-workers pointed him toward CompTIA Project+ and he’s been singing praises ever since.

“Having gone through Project+, I am confident I can manage a given project accordingly,” said Hooh, transition and transformation manager with HP Malaysia. “It really helps me a lot, especially (when it comes to) understanding the project concept.”

Hooh, a resident of Kuala Lumpur, said his recently earned credential has helped him with the biggest hurdle in his new role, that of quickly grasping a project’s core areas of responsibility. Hooh, 47, was by no means a wide-eyed neophyte when he took on his new role with far-reaching management expertise in such core areas as operations, shared services and application development. He began his professional journey nearly 30 years ago as an IT system operator. Hooh said CompTIA credentials “generic” nature as a vendor-neutral offering is its biggest selling point.

The industry veteran said the credentials offered by the industry’s global trade association stand out from those offered by other professional bodies because they can be tailored to an individual’s requirements and needs. Hooh said he’s been able to apply his Project+ training on an almost daily basis in his current role.

With no plans to ease up in his own career goals, Hooh remains a big proponent of certification as an industry difference-maker. Certifications, he said, “will act as part and parcel of our paper qualifications to enhance our CVs and to inform our employer that we are capable and certified to manage a given job.”

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