Hot IT Jobs on the Horizon

by Jim Staats | Jun 22, 2011

As more and more indicators point to a “bull market” near future for IT job seekers, which roles have the greatest potential?

In a self-described non-scientific survey, an InfoWorld article published this week breaks down the six hottest jobs in IT. This “Super Six” batch of positions wasn’t simply chosen for their frequent appearances on IT hiring sites, including Dice and Modis, but from discussions with industry executives on skills sought in the year to come. Titles picked offer the sky-high potential for growth, staying power and ability to influence organizations into the future.


Hot IT job #1: Business architect

A new breed of enterprise architect is emerging to help merge technology and business processes as upper management levels recognize the role technology now plays in steering a company’s business goals. 


Hot IT job #2: Data scientist

That glut of information generated by web clickstreams, system logs and the like can be a veritable goldmine of data if put in the hands of the right data scientist.  


Hot IT job #3: Social media architect

With social web tools and services finding their way into businesses at every level, firms are finding themselves more and more in need of specialists to keep everything not just afloat but ahead of the curve. 


Hot IT job #4: Mobile technology expert

Building mobile apps, architecting strategies and securing mobile devices rate among the top enterprise concerns today, making this new title one of the most common listings on IT employment sites.  


Hot IT job #5: Enterprise mobile developer The rise in this role parallels the increase in companies seeking ways to make sense of mobile data and app development, with a focus on compliance and security.  


Hot IT job #6: Cloud architect

With business executives and investors fully tuning into the cloud concept, demand for IT pros who can deliver on the concept’s promise of increased efficiency and agility is multiplying faster than private clouds.


Many job listings for this role seek skills and certifications including networking (CompTIA Network+) virtualization (CompTIA Server+/CompTIA Security+) and SAN design (CompTIA Storage+ which is in development). The better one’s understanding of virtualization networking and management (found in CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+), the better one’s chances may be.


To read the entire InfoWorld article, click here.

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