CompTIA-Certified Entrepreneurs Serving South Carolina

by Jim Staats | Jun 15, 2011

A couple CompTIA-certified entrepreneurs have joined in a new business arrangement offering residents of their South Carolina town one-stop shopping for computer assistance, insurance services and knick-knack shopping.


Mark Ford and Robert McDaniel, owners of Xcellent Computer Services, Inc. of Winnsboro, S.C. and CompTIA A+ certified pros, have partnered their downtown address with another business to offer their clients more than just computer support.


The three-year-old company, which serves homes and large and small business, now shares its address with Harmony Financial Insurance Services and Lo-Lows Discount Bargains, both entities owned by the same individual.


McDaniel, who also counts CompTIA Network+, Microsoft and Dell among his certifications, considers certification an important piece of his organization’s powerful infrastructure.


"The staff consists of several CompTIA A+ certified, CompTIA Network+ certified and Microsoft certified technicians," he said, noting they’ve built their staff to "nearly 10 contract professionals committed to delivering unparalleled service for computer network consulting, maintenance and management."


Both Ford and McDaniel work as Dell contractors for a number of local school districts. The duo of IT support specialists started their partnership building IT systems for friends and family out of their garage in Columbia, S.C.

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