What’s New: CompTIA Security+

by Jennifer Babich | May 24, 2011
The latest version of CompTIA Security+ is available today (English only, initially).  As part of the ISO/ANSI accreditation for CompTIA Security+, we update the exam every three years and there was a lot of new information to cover. The exam is still aimed at an IT security professional who has a minimum of 2 years experience in IT administration with a focus on security, day to day technical information security experience, and broad knowledge of security concerns and implementation, but there is a new emphasis on operational risk.


The new exam covers more of the approach that organizations need to take to proactively address security risk control and mitigation. Things like security policies and procedures and training staff to comply with these policies is becoming much more important for today’s security professional. Sound familiar? This is what we have also seen in our 8th Annual Trends in Information Security


The new exam also includes current technologies like cloud computing and virtualization. Again, the focus is on the proactive elements like designing your network security to accommodate cloud and the potential threats associated with it. Plus, the exam includes more details on forensics. The table below lists topics covered or click here for a breakdown of exactly what is covered on the new exam.



% of Exam

Network Security


Compliance & Operational Security


Threats & Vulnerabilites


Application, Data & Host Security


Access Control & Identity Management







The new exam, CompTIA Security+ SY0-301, is now available at Pearson Vue and Prometric test centers worldwide.  (Study materials for the new exam will be available in the next few weeks. Watch for announcements or check our website.) Click here to find a testing center near you. Vouchers can be purchased from the CompTIA Marketplace (and the CompTIA EMEA Marketplace)The current version of the exam, CompTIA Security+ SY0-201, retires December 31, 2011.







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