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  • How Cybersecurity Analysts Can Stand Out to Potential Employers

    Despite the more than 500,000 vacant cybersecurity jobs in the United States, they aren’t always easy to get. Cybersecurity analysts can make themselves stand out to employers by strengthening specific soft skills, gaining technical skills through a cybersecurity certification and effectively conveying their competencies to hiring managers.
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  • IT Job Myths Busted: Not Everyone Has a Computer Science Degree

    If not having a degree has kept you from pursuing a career in IT, you should know that most technology positions just require proof that you can do the job. And thanks to certifications and prior experience, this is possible!
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  • The New CompTIA Linux+: Your Questions Answered

    We know you have questions about the new exam, so we’ve asked Zach Hill from I.T. Career Questions to help you understand what’s on the new exam and how it will help you in your IT career.
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  • Webinar: Investigating the Deep Web and VPN Technologies

    In the next Office Hours with James, we will explore the many resources found in the deep web and the dark web and investigate Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies individuals use today.
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  • Podcast: Skills, Training and CompTIA A+

    Despite the evolution of technology, there are core skills that have stood the test of time. Listen to or read the transcript from a CompTIA Volley podcast on skills and training.
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  • A Texas-Sized Challenge: Engineering a Broadband Network to Help a Rural Community Join the Digital World

    Dwight Thomas, Jr., designed and engineered a fully fiber-optic broadband network that would help a rural Texas town join the digital world.
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  • Getting Started in a Linux Career

    Given that Linux runs on such a wide variety of platforms, you could work on small or large systems, on mainframes or embedded Linux systems. The point is, the same Linux is used to do many different things.
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  • Emerging Tech? No. Emerging Talent!

    So many job roles are changing quite radically in the face of emerging technologies, including AI, the internet of things (IoT) and automation. I’ve noticed that various sides of IT tend to think the other is going to get replaced.
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  • Brexit: Among Job Uncertainty, We Still Have a Skills Gap

    With Brexit looming and UK political alliances being mightily tested, there has been a renewed wave of fervent speculation about the impact to the UK jobs market. A very real IT skills gap remains and urgently needs to be addressed.
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  • The Linux Tree of Opportunities

    Linux is a virtual tree of opportunity. Take the roots of what Linux is all about, follow the branches of how Linux is used across IT and nurture your career with Linux certifications for future growth and longevity.
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