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  • Quiz: What If Star Wars Characters Had CompTIA Certifications?

    Do you ever wonder what CompTIA certification your favorite Star Wars character would get? Take this quiz to unlock which certification belongs to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and more.
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  • Your Next Move: Vulnerability Analyst

    If you have a knack for determining problems and wanting to find solutions, then a career as a vulnerability analyst may be for you.
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  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ vs. CompTIA Cloud+: How to Choose

    With more than 90% of all companies having moved at least some work to the cloud, now more than ever organizations need decision makers, analysts and process owners who understand vital cloud principles from a business and operations perspective.
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  • IT Job Myths Busted: What Is an Average Salary?

    When researching salaries and aiming your career at specific job titles, remember that you may see a range of salaries for one particular job. Salaries vary based on the company itself and geographic location and can depend on what other benefits are offered.
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  • Transforming Cybersecurity Information to Cybersecurity Wisdom

    Information is the micro-lesson we learn from every hack or data breach, and wisdom is the life lesson we carry with us long after it happens. In IT, as in many sectors, our collective wisdom is what keeps us safe.
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  • Smart Devices and Cybersecurity: Baby Tech Secure Enough for Meghan Markle

    In a baby tech market on track to hit $16.78 billion by 2025, there’s a lot to choose from. Unsecured Wi-Fi, default passwords and weak code are vulnerabilities hackers love to exploit, creating a direct path to the whole family’s personally identifiable information.
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  • IT Job Myths: More Than Tech Skills

    IT professionals need to be very personable and easy to talk to. This is because they are required to interact with others all day long.
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  • Why Linux and DevOps Go Hand in Hand

    Linux has had a profound effect on DevOps. It has forced the rethinking of processes and procedures due to the combined scalability, portability and source code that is processor independent from a build, compile, test and deploy perspective.
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  • Your Next Move: Data Scientist

    If you have a sharp, analytical mind and have a propensity for numbers and an interest in programming, then you may want to consider a job as a data scientist.
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  • IT Job Myths Busted: More Social Than You’d Think

    It is a common stereotype work alone, typing away in a dark corner of the basement, but that could not be further from the truth! IT pros need to be able to communicate and collaborate well since they are constantly interacting with people who have a range of tech knowledge.
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