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  • How to Choose: Which Certification is Best for Cybersecurity?

    There are entry-level, intermediate and advanced cybersecurity certification options for IT pros who want to jumpstart or advance their careers in the security realm. Certifications along the CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to have an edge on the job market.
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  • Building the Skills for Cloud Success

    Businesses are beginning to realize that cloud computing can enable an entirely new approach, one that allows IT to take a more strategic role in driving the business forward. Cloud Computing and IT Operations examines the changes taking place within IT teams as they embrace cloud solutions and transform their companies.
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  • How to Choose the Best IT Certification Training Product for You

    Deciding to pursue an IT certification may be easy, but what can be difficult is preparing for the exam. Understanding how you learn best, as well as what training modes and materials are available to you, will go a long way in making exam prep less stressful.
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  • Bringing Hospitality to the Help Desk

    When it comes to the help desk, a good technician must be both knowledgeable and personable – but that often isn’t the case. Meet Karolis Krikstanas, who successfully paired his interest in IT with a hospitality skillset and a CompTIA A+ certification to move out of the hotel industry and on to the help desk.
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  • Clock CEUs in Security and Cloud Sessions at ChannelCon

    Follow ChannelCon’s IT Pro Track Powered by CompTIA AITP and earn the credits you need to keep your certification up to date.
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  • No More Close Shaves: Talking End-User Security at the National Conference of State Legislatures

    You’re probably already aware that the most pressing cybersecurity issue is finding ways to keep end users from succumbing to social engineering attacks. Let me tell you quick a story about one of our efforts to stem the tide.
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  • What Is Cloud Computing? A General Overview

    Though the cloud has become ubiquitous, not everybody gets what cloud computing is, and why it’s taking over IT and computing. Here, we provide a basic introduction to some key terms and concepts and explain why cloud computing rules IT as we know it today and for the foreseeable future.
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  • What’s Next? Using CompTIA Network+ to Launch Your IT Specialization

    The beauty of both CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ as a foundation of learning is that their coverage is broad and gives learners a sense of today’s IT environments. These environments tend to be more complex than ever and also tend to include the equipment of multiple vendors.
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  • Curiosity and Confidence: Liz Maida on Cybersecurity, Startup Life and How to Get Hired

    At RSA 2018, we spoke with Liz Maida, the co-founder and CEO of Uplevel, about how she got into cybersecurity, what she looks for in candidates at her early-stage startup and what advice she has for people looking to start their cybersecurity careers.
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  • Choosing a Cybersecurity Certification: Your Questions Answered

    Whether you are looking to get into cybersecurity or take your cybersecurity career to the next level, the best way to prove your skills to employers is to get certified. With all the cybersecurity certifications out there, how do you choose which one is right for you?
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