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  • Career Changer Starter Pack: Resume, LinkedIn and Interview Tips to Land Your Dream Job

    Changing careers takes work, but it can be very rewarding. CompTIA has compiled tips and tricks to help you with your job search.
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  • Prepared for Anything: Applying Project Management to Business Continuity Planning

    Every time a hurricane hits or a forest fire spreads into town, businesses are affected. The question then becomes, does the business need to shut down until everything is back to normal, or is it able to function because there was a business continuity plan.
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  • 5 Reasons Cybersecurity Experts Love CompTIA PenTest+

    CompTIA’s forthcoming certification, CompTIA PenTest+, empowers intermediate cybersecurity professionals with penetration testing and vulnerability management skills. Three cybersecurity experts weigh in on what makes CompTIA PenTest+ worthwhile.
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  • ChannelCon Sneak Peek: Is It Time to Add Detection and Recovery to Your Endpoint Protection?

    Imagine you’re working in the IT security department and you’re just about to take your lunch when someone in accounting calls to say their computer is “acting strange.” That might sound like bad luck – lunch will have to wait. But in a way, you’re also lucky because not all attacks raise red flags. That is where endpoint detection and response comes into play.
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  • No Sleep til SITS: Lessons Learned at the London Service Desk Show

    For the third year in a row, I was asked to give a couple of talks at Service Desk Show, commonly called SITS, which is co-located with the InfoSec show. While there, I presented on the state of the help desk in 2018, as well as about threat hunting.
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  • 3 Ways Cyberstates Can Inform Your Job Search

    With its robust collection of employment trend data for the tech world, this year’s Cyberstates report can act as a broad foundation of data for the very personal and specific task of searching for a job.
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  • Your Next Move: Web Administrator

    Do you love the intersection of design and programming? If so, web administration may be for you. Web administrators use their technical background to code and their creative side to design stunning websites. Read more to see if web admin is right for you!
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  • Sell Your Friends on IT: 5 Things Career Changers in Your Circle Should Know

    Career changers in your circle may have doubts about whether IT is the right choice for them, or they may be worried that switching to a tech job will be too difficult. Here are five essential things you should make sure they know to help them realize that IT is a great option and is a possibility for them.
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  • CompTIA Stackable Certifications: What’s Your Perfect Stack?

    Where do you see yourself in 1 year, 5 years or even 10 years? Many of us don’t have a definitive answer. Our mentors will tell us to set small goals along the way and take the necessary steps to achieve them. But even then, how do we know we’re on the right path? CompTIA Stackable Certifications are here to help.
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  • Infographic: Your Perfect Stack

    CompTIA Stackable Certifications create a sequence of credentials over time to build up your qualifications. The certification you first earn and the one you choose to pursue next depends on the experience you bring to the table and your career goals.
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