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  • My Career Change Journey: The Importance of Networking

    Thinking about a career change? IT could be a great option. You may be surprised to learn that CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger has not always worked in IT. In fact, he has a Ph.D. in English but found his way into IT ... and is glad he did!
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  • Reviewing the New CompTIA Network+: Vendor Neutral with a Focus on Troubleshooting

    I recently spent a few hours taking the new and improved CompTIA Network+, and I was overall pleased with the new exam. CompTIA does a splendid job with this exam thanks to several key areas.
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  • Your Next Move: Network Engineer

    Some of us look at the big picture of how networks help us do our jobs, and others look at the details in the connections and data transfers. Network engineers need to see both when they design the systems that keep the world connected. If you’re creative and detail oriented, a career in network engineering could be for you.
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  • Infographic: Keeping the World Connected with CompTIA Network+

    As one of CompTIA’s core skills certifications, the new CompTIA Network+ verifies that you have what it takes to develop a career in IT infrastructure. Check out the following infographic to see how CompTIA Network+ keeps the world connected.
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  • Learn and Earn: Emerging Technology, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

    On March 8, CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist James Stanger and CompTIA Senior Director, Technology Analysis, Seth Robinson offered their insights into emerging technology, digital transformation and more in the latest CompTIA IT Pro Webinar, Critical Emerging Technologies Today: A Report.
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  • Your Next Move: Network Support Specialist

    Who do you call when you have a problem? Ghostbusters? Not quite! When you have a computer problem, you call tech support, which works hand in hand with the network support specialist.
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  • Talk Tech to Me: PowerShell Parameters and Parameter Validation

    Adding PowerShell parameters to your scripts allows you to turn your static, single-purpose scripts into tools that can be used on multiple options and resources. Rather than hard coding your scripts with specific values, you can add parameters that turn your scripts into dynamic tools.
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  • Moving Beyond Fear: Steps for Proactive Security in the Face of Digital Transformation

    Companies in the throes of digital transformation know they need to change their perspective and evolve by using the latest technologies to change how they do business. This also means upskilling employees and moving away from supporting digital devices toward understanding data and privacy.
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  • Your Next Move: Systems Analyst

    Is your motto work smarter not harder? Then a career as a systems analyst is right up your alley. Systems analysts work to make everything run smoother and more efficiently.
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  • James Stanger in the News: Career Check-in

    James Stanger is quoted in CIO from IDG on March 5, 2018.
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