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  • Your Next Move: Security Administrator

    If you like being in the know about everything, being a security administrator could be a good fit for you. The security administrator is the protector of the system. They see everything that is happening and monitor activity to prevent attacks and stay secure against threats.
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  • Applying Your Linux Skills to macOS: An Introduction

    Since nearly all of the concepts, commands and files are identical between UNIX and Linux, anyone who is CompTIA Linux+ certified could easily administer a UNIX system. In the job market, this means that CompTIA Linux+ certification is seen as a valid skills benchmark for jobs that require UNIX knowledge.
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  • Get into Cybersecurity with CompTIA Security+

    The demands of a career in cybersecurity are changing fast. And CompTIA Security+ is changing to meet them. As the foundational IT certification in the CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway, CompTIA Security+ serves as a springboard for cybersecurity careers.
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  • A Blockchain Manifesto? A Report from the RSA 2018 Blockchain Focus Group

    A couple of weeks ago, Stephen Schneiter, Chris Hodson and myself led a two-hour hands-on discussion about blockchain applications and their weaknesses at RSA 2018 in San Francisco. We gathered more than 120 folks in a room, gave a demo of a private Ethereum blockchain and then discussed specific problems in applied blockchain security.
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  • James Stanger in the News: Talking Bug Bounty Programs to Address Vulnerability Management Needs

    James Stanger chimes in about bug bounty programs and what they offer.
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  • Hacking for Good: A Conversation with White Hat Hacker Alex Heid

    During RSA 2018, IT Career News sat down with Alex Heid, white hat hacker and chief research officer of SecurirtyScorecard, to learn more about ethical hacking and how IT pros can get into the field.
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  • It Pays to Stay Current: Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Certification Expire

    For an IT career with longevity, it pays to keep your IT certification up to date. Database Administrator David McKay recently learned the hard way that certification is only as good as it is current.
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  • You Can Do IT: Changing Careers Isn’t Just a Myth

    When you spend 40 or more hours a week somewhere, you should enjoy what you do, at least somewhat. Whether you no longer find your job stimulating, you need a lifestyle change or you’re struggling to find a fit with your current aspirations, the end result is the same: a change is in the air. Here are a few stories of people who were also in that place and found a new career in IT.
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  • 5 Ways CompTIA Cloud+ Increases Your Earning Potential

    As demand for all things cloud increases, so do the salaries. Here are the top-paying cloud computing skills validated by CompTIA Cloud+.
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  • The Experts Weigh In: Key Takeaways from RSA 2018

    RSA is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, with hundreds of sessions and thousands of exhibitors across a full week. Because of this, everyone has a unique experience and takes away different things. IT Career News spoke with a few cybersecurity experts to hear more about their key takeaways and a-ha moments from this year’s event.
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