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  • Everyone Should Be a Part of IT

    Carlota Perez, leading economist at Cambridge University and an expert in global techno-economic paradigm shifts, explains that every 70 years, a disruptive technology emerges that alters the foundations of the economy. The five ages of transformation to date include the industrial revolution; the age of steam and railways; the age of steel, electricity and heavy engineering; the age of oil, cars and mass production; and the age of information and telecommunications.   It interests me to se ...
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  • A New CompTIA A+ Class Earns Its Stripes in New York

    A new class of students just earned its CompTIA A+ certification, this class being the Operating Network Systems Class at Sullivan County Community College. Students at the two year community college, part of the State University of New York system, traveled to the New Horizons Testing Center in Albany to take on the demanding testing in late May. The class came through both the CompTIA A+ Essentials and CompTIA A+ Practical Application exams with "flying colors," according to their instruc ...
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  • Finding Qualified People

    Prior to the economic downturn in late 2008, the challenge we most commonly heard was the inability to find enough skilled personnel. During that period there were as many as 1.3 million unfilled tech jobs in the U.S. market. As the economy sank, so did that number, to a low of just over 200,000 open positions in the second half of 2009. And as we’ve seen a recovery to a number close to half of a recent high water mark, the comments about not having access to a large enough pool of quality talen ...
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  • IPv6 Takes a Test Flight

    Today is World IPv6 Day, when several of the largest websites—including Google, Facebook and Microsoft—officially are enabling IPv6 for their sites and Internet experts will observe network operations as IPv6 traffic hits the lines. The point is to see what breaks—although IPv6 has been an official protocol for over a decade and many network components may have IPv6 functionality, this will be the first large-scale test.   CompTIA has prepared a whitepaper explaining the need for IPv6 as a ...
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  • ChannelTrends: Putting the Value Add in Cloud

    It seems like we’ve reached a critical point in the advancement of cloud technology, with significant announcements this week from a major distributor and the company that made ‘i’ a fashionable prefix. Perhaps more significant than the players in the news is that two device-centric organizations are making major investments in the virtual world. Perhaps hell hasn’t frozen over, but it may be defrosting a bit on the edges. With the wealth of cloud offerings for business consumers to choose from, ...
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  • Fast Forward: a survivor among Non-Profit Training Centers

    After being kicked out of his apartment last summer, Tim Burford's bout with homelessness lasted over 120 miles, a journey in the August heat from Beaufort, S.C., to the Veterans Administration Hospital in Columbia. Hitchhiking when he could but walking over half the way, he spent several nights sleeping in ditches and under overpasses. As a soldier, he says, he had always been taught to do what it takes to complete a task. In this case, his task was to get a new life. Officials at the VA immedi ...
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  • Tony Carmichael: U.S. Air Force Vet & IT Technician

    Tony Carmichael doesn't take lightly the importance of being well prepared in carrying out his IT duties. A military veteran who has had to troubleshoot computer systems under direct enemy fire, Carmichael credits the success of his civilian career to his solid foundation of skills and knowledge earned through CompTIA certifications. "Technology, especially computer technology, is constantly evolving," said Carmichael. "One must be prepared and have the basis to build on as changes occur. Core k ...
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  • What’s New: CompTIA Security+

    The latest version of CompTIA Security+ is available today (English only, initially).  As part of the ISO/ANSI accreditation for CompTIA Security+, we update the exam every three years and there was a lot of new information to cover. The exam is still aimed at an IT security professional who has a minimum of 2 years experience in IT administration with a focus on security, day to day technical information security experience, and broad knowledge of security concerns and implementation, ...
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  • Keeping IT Cool

    Gadgets are the new cool - everyone wants the latest mobile phone, iPad 2, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy and a myriad of others. In fact, at the recent CRN PartnerConnect conference at the Ricoh Arena, where we talked about cloud business opportunities and mobility, our CEO Todd Thibodeaux brought all of these devices with him in his hand luggage and showed them to the audience, which generated a combination of laughter and interest. Todd also talked about making IT cool and I would like to ...
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  • CompTIA Authorized Service Center Program Boosts Customer Confidence

    What does your business have that other businesses don’t? How do you set your staff apart from the competition? For some businesses like Incredible Connection, the CompTIA Authorized Service Center (ASC) accreditation gives them the competitive advantage over other IT service and repair companies.    Incredible Connection is an IT specialist retailer with 60 stores across South Africa, and two additional stores in Namibia and Botswana. With 155 staff members, customer service is Incre ...
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