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  • That Was Then, This Is Cloud: The Evolution of CompTIA Cloud+

    When CompTIA Cloud+ first launched, many organizations were trying to build out cloud-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings. But the market has changed. Many organizations now depend on cloud-based technologies to run mission-critical systems, and hybrid and multi-cloud environments have become the norm.
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  • Cyberstates 2017: The Most In-Demand IT Jobs

    Go more in-depth with Cyberstates as we review the hottest fields, skills and IT employers.
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  • Networking as the Foundation of IT: Why You Shouldn’t Skip Algebra to Start with Calculus

    IT is no different than any other subject matter or profession. You have to start with the fundamentals before you can move into something more advanced.
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  • Starting an IT Career at 40, and Still Going With CompTIA

    In the small resort town of Kure Beach, Tony Phillips spends his days keeping the critical imaging systems of the local hospital running. In his spare time, he plays numerous roles in the community he moved there for. And as a late-stage career changer, CompTIA certifications helped him get there.
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  • 5 Reasons to Join CompTIA AITP

    Wondering what CompTIA AITP is all about? Learn more about the benefits that come with membership and discover five reasons why you need to join the IT industry's most exciting IT pro association.
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  • CompTIA Certs Help IT Pro to Keep Prison Running Securely, Smoothly

    Eight years ago, Claudia Weinstein pressed the restart button on her life. Fleeing an abusive relationship, she left everything to start over. She discovered she had a knack for computers while working for an IT services company, but her career — and her new life — really took off when she was hired by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and encouraged to earn CompTIA A+ certification.
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  • Mainframe Trends for 2017 and Beyond

    Many people outside of IT don’t realize just how critical the mainframe is to today's digital economy. Though it may seem like a dinosaur and despite the growth of cloud or other “newer” technologies, the mainframe is an increasingly vital platform for critical workloads.
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  • Education, Experience and Certification: A Three-Pronged Approach to IT Skills Training in Arizona

    The Arizona StRUT program partners with schools and businesses to refurbish and donate more than $500,000 of used computing equipment to needy schools each year. It creates outstanding educational opportunities out of used technology and inspires students to pursue IT careers and earn CompTIA A+ certification.
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  • Mentorship, Dedication and Ambition: How CompTIA A+ Opened Doors for One IT Pro

    Aaron Smith had little background in technology but discovered a love for IT while working as a teacher's aide. More than 20 years and a handful of certifications, Smith has blended his passion for education with his love for IT.
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  • What Cybersecurity Skills Do Employers Look For?

    Despite its recent surge in the headlines, cybersecurity has been a priority for decades. "The Evolution of Security Skills," a new IT research report from CompTIA, highlights prevalent changes taking place in the cybersecurity industry.
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