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  • Your Next Move: Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst

    If you are good in a crisis and have the drive to scope out technological crimes and cyber incidents, then being a security operations center (SOC) analyst could be the right job for you.
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  • CompTIA A+ Through the Years: A Discussion with 4 Certified IT Pros

    With the launch of the new CompTIA A+ (Core Series), this entry-level IT certification continues to serve as the gateway to a rewarding career in tech, much as it did more than 20 years ago. Four people who have earned CompTIA A+ compare what it was like then to what it’s like now.
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  • The New CompTIA A+: Your Questions Answered

    With the launch of the new CompTIA A+ came many questions, so we’ve set out to answer them here. Keep reading to learn more about the CompTIA A+ Core Series.
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  • CompTIA A+: From PC Repair to Problem Solving in 26 Years

    If you got your CompTIA A+ 10 or 20 years ago, you may be wondering how the Core Series, which launched this week, compares to the exams you took. Learn more about what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.
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  • Infographic: CompTIA PenTest+ vs. CEH

    We are often asked, "How does CompTIA PenTest+ compare to EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification?" To help you choose which exam to take, we’ve identified four advantages of CompTIA PenTest+ over CEH.
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  • The Government Shutdown: Upskill in Your Downtime

    Whether you’re furloughed, laid off or out of work for another reason, you might find yourself with time on your hands. You might also be wondering if it’s time to change careers. If the answer to that is yes, a career in IT could be a great option for you.
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  • The Ethereum Classic 51% Attack: Not Quite Time to Abandon Blockchain

    With this latest Ethereum Classic hack, a lot of the same things said about Linux are often said about blockchain. This event has caused quite a stir, as is often the case when an emerging technology gets humbled.
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  • The Creative Problem Solver’s Guide to the IT Help Desk

    If you’re considering a career in IT but you’re concerned that the hard facts of computing would make for a dull day, think again. Doing help desk-level IT work requires a ton of creative problem solving – at every step and every day.
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  • Pack Your Bags: The Best U.S. Cities to Live, Work and Play as an IT Pro

    Have you considered moving to a completely new city where you can thrive in your career and enjoy the lifestyle too? Check out our list of the best towns for IT pros that are not only great places to live, but also great place to work in the technology field.
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  • What Is a Cloud Engineer? What I Do and How I Got Here

    Molly Stewart, a cloud engineer from St. Louis, Missouri, talks about ​what a cloud engineer does, how she got to where she is and the difference between working on-premises vs. cloud.
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