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  • 4 Keys to Successful Cloud Deployments

    A sure way to prompt eye rolls in a room full of IT professionals is to mention the phrase cloud computing. This knee-jerk cynicism aside, cloud models continue to transform the delivery of IT services despite our collective exhaustion over the catchphrases we use to describe them.
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  • Quiz: What's Your Certification Pathway?

    With 12 CompTIA certifications to choose from, doing your homework and choosing your path is a must. What is your end game?
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  • The Why and How of Talking Tech with the Board:
    3 Strategies to Help Them “Get” Cybersecurity

    For those of us who eat, breathe and sleep technology, cybersecurity solutions may seem obvious. But there’s a hidden danger to being too technical when talking to executives and the board, from whom we need buy-in. the following strategies can help them “get’ cybersecurity without getting too technical.
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  • Introducing the CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

    Infrastructure is the bedrock of IT operations. Security, mobility, agility and resiliency all depend on a solid network architecture. The CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway aligns CompTIA certifications with the skillsets needed by today's IT pros to support and manage IT infrastructure.
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  • Cloud Skills Needed Around the World

    This past week, I went to Japan to talk to IT pros and corporate leaders about the cloud. All of these companies were looking for ways to upgrade the skills of their employees. Each one is ready for the cloud, but in such a fast-moving field – particularly in regard to the internet of things (IoT) – they’re very interested in finding ways to make their workers even more cloud-ready.
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  • Playing Both Sides of Cybersecurity: Introducing CompTIA PenTest+

    In cybersecurity, as in the military, sports and more, a solid defense is nothing without an equally strong offense. You can’t just sit back and wait – you need to take action. Cybersecurity professionals need to find system weaknesses before cyber-criminals do, and that’s where penetration testing comes in.
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  • Laid Off, Now What? Switching Careers into IT

    Even as the economy ebbs and flows, anymore, layoffs seem to be a part of our everyday lives. When facing a layoff, one of your first thoughts may be, “I need a new job.” But where do you begin? If you haven’t thought about IT before, now might be the time.
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  • 4 Low-Key Ways to Test Drive IT: How to Get Started

    Earning your CompTIA A+ certification is a great starting point for people who know they want to get into IT. But before you can get to that moment, how do you figure out if you like the work, or where in technology you might want to specialize?
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  • James Stanger in the News: Cybersecurity Starts with the Service Desk

    James Stanger wrote an article for HDI on January 26, 2018.
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  • James Stanger in the News: Ensuring Cybersecurity from Every Perspective

    James Stanger talks about CompTIA PenTest+, a forthcoming IT certification that validates penetration testing and offensive cybersecurity skills.
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