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  • Resolved IT: Device Connectivity

    When a customer calls the help desk to report a connectivity issue, the answer may not necessarily be a server error. Angela M. Saylor shares a recent experience she had in helping a customer get back online.
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  • 5 Qualifying Qs for a Promising Career

    Selecting an employer in the technology field can be challenging, especially for young professionals. It's easy to get distracted by the perks rather than focusing on the value offered by the organization and the role. Ask yourself these five questions to see if the company you're interviewing with is right for you.
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  • WannaCry: What We Can Learn from Last Week’s International Ransomware Attack

    When a ransomware attack shut down computer systems from the United Kingdom to China last week, the two big questions on everyone’s mind were how it happened and what can be done to prevent the next attack. Three IT experts offer advice about how to increase security and decrease vulnerabilities.
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  • A Day in the Life of an IT Pro: Tier 1 Help Desk Specialist

    After graduating from Creating IT Futures IT-Ready program and earning CompTIA A+, Mai Yia Vue was offered a position as a help desk specialist for U.S. Bank in Minneapolis. Nine months into her first IT job, we checked in to learn about her job and her plans for the future.
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  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About CompTIA A+

    If you took an earlier version of CompTIA A+ or have heard about it from people who did, you may be surprised to learn everything that it now covers. Here are five things you may not know about CompTIA A+ that help IT pros gain a foundational knowledge to launch their careers.
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  • Your Next Move: Security Analyst

    If you like to scope out vulnerabilities in your network and stop cybercriminals in their tracks, then security analyst may be a good next step for you. Keep reading to learn what a security analyst does and how to get there.
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  • Simplifying the Certifications Process with CompTIA A+ On-Ramp

    You may be thinking about getting an IT certification to help launch or boost your career. Or perhaps your employer requires you to be certified. Whatever the reason, if you want or need to get IT certified, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we created CompTIA A+ On-Ramp.
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  • What Has CompTIA A+ Done for You?

    You may be wondering whether or not CompTIA A+ is worth it, so we asked people who already have it, “What has CompTIA A+ done for you?”
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  • 3 Traits of Tech MVPs

    What makes the best player on an IT team? While the NBA and its fans debate who should be the MVP in basketball, Charles Eaton gives you the top three traits of tech MVPs.
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  • Why the Internet of Things Needs Security Analytics

    With the increase of Internet of Things (IoT) devices comes an increased risk of cyberattacks. Applying security analytics to IoT devices, similar to how it’s applied to servers and end-user devices, can help mitigate this problem and prevent attacks of this nature.
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