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    Help us to better understand your experience with certification and learning tools by completing this short survey.
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  • Video: 3 Steps to Preparing for CompTIA A+ | CompTIA Certs

    Preparation is the most important aspect of passing an IT certification exam. Since test prep and IT certification exams require investments of time and money, it’s wise to plan your IT learning and follow that plan through to completion.
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  • Cybersecurity Jobs: The Skills That Make Up the Best Teams

    Just as security is becoming more critical, it is also becoming more complex. One tactic that companies are exploring to address the growing importance and complexity of cybersecurity is the creation of focused security teams.
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  • Following My Cybersecurity Career Dreams One IT Certification at a Time

    Heather Macchi didn’t exactly know what career she wanted to pursue but found herself working for an IT company. This exposure to technology paired with a passion for problem solving and a desire to continue learning led her from sales to IT.
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  • Moving from the Defender’s Dilemma: A New Perspective on Pen Testing

    The “act like a hacker to stop the hacker” approach just really doesn’t work. Neither does the "quarterly compliance" pen test. You need to turn your attention away from fear-based defender’s dilemma thinking to a proactive, more useful approach: focusing on the attacker’s dilemma.
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  • Video: When and What Cert to Take – Planning for IT Learning | CompTIA Certs

    Thinking about getting IT certified is the first step to becoming a more competitive and competent worker or jumping into an IT career. The next three steps include exploring IT learning materials, deciding when to get IT certified and choosing the right certification for you.
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  • Protecting Your Digital Castle: How to Build a Secure Home Network

    As more and more devices are connected to the internet, that opens our homes up to virtual intruders who can listen in or steal our data. But there are simple precautions anyone can take to build a secure home network.
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  • Your Next Move: Security Architect

    As you move up the cybersecurity career ladder, you can remain immersed in hands-on cybersecurity or move into more of a policy and governance role. If you’re looking for big-picture thinking and want to design security systems for an organization, a job as a security architect might be for you.
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  • Don’t Become Comfortably Numb: Get To Know Your Cyber Tools

    We can get too comfortable with the sense of security from a multitude of vendor tools, that unfortunately we can miss the breach. Learn more about how we should command control of the devices to provide information that is specific to our network’s needs not just a compliance check mark.
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  • Get into Cybersecurity: Your Developer Experience Can Get You a Cybersecurity Job

    Your experience as a software developer has given you the skills that employers of cybersecurity pros are looking for. See what cybersecurity career paths may be available to you and how the skills you already have can get you there.
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