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  • Have a Passion for Technology and People? Become an IT Instructor

    As the demand for skilled IT professionals grows, so does the demand for IT instructors. If you are passionate about technology and people, this in-demand IT job might be for you.
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  • Webinar: Getting to Know Linux: Demo + Discussion

    Join CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. James Stanger for an online Linux “Install-fest,” as we go over essential skills that will give you confidence to prepare to learn more advanced skills.
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  • Your Next Move: IT Training Specialist

    IT training specialists enjoy their subject matter but also enjoy inspiring and informing students. If you like translating tech topics so others can understand them and helping to promote IT careers, consider the role of an IT training specialist.
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  • How Do I Get an IT Certification?

    Getting an IT certification can be a great way to boost your career prospects. But how do you get an IT certification? Follow these eight steps to get started.
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  • 3 Parts to Digital Transformation from Apple WWDC 2019

    At WWDC, Tim Cook explained the three-pronged approach of Apple’s strategy: hardware, software and services. These areas are part of the plan for most tech companies, but what makes Apple unique is the integrated approach it takes.
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  • Big Data Jobs: 3 IT Areas That Use Big Data

    If you like big data, you may be wondering what kinds of jobs use it. We’ve broken down three IT career paths related to big data and the type of tasks that use it.
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  • Why Should I Get a Cybersecurity Certification?

    Although I do not have any immediate plans to get into cybersecurity, I felt getting cybersecurity certifications was the best next step for me. The emphasis on security is a necessity in today’s world, regardless of your role in IT.
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  • How to Get into IT from the Military with IT Certifications

    Nicholas joined the Marines after high school and served for five years in various intelligence, IT and security roles. He's now getting a cybersecurity degree and ​earning more IT certifications to prepare him for his next move.
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  • Webinar: Deciphering Dictionary and Brute Force Attacks

    Join CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. James Stanger in his next Office Hours with James to learn more about the methods and practical steps involved in password cracking.
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  • Two Sides of the Same Coin: A Glimpse into Red Teaming and Security Analytics

    I’m often asked to present examples of how a pen tester applies steps of what cybersecurity professionals often call the hacker lifecycle. I’m also often asked what these steps look like from not only the penetration tester’s, or pen tester’s, perspective, but also from that of the security analyst.
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