• 5 Tips for Your Next Job Search

    On April 12, CompTIA and Apex Systems hosted a Twitter chat about setting a strategy for your IT job search. We’ve curated the advice into five actionable tips that you can use in your next job search.
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  • CompTIA A+ Helps High School Help Desk Whiz Become IT Pro

    With experience working at her high school's help desk and her CompTIA A+ certification in hand, Susan Verdin took her first step into the IT workforce. Now she's on a career path that's engaging a tech interest she's held since childhood – with more learning, and more certifications, in her future.
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  • The Tweet That Caused a Seizure: Inside the Newest Type of Cyberattack

    As cybersecurity experts consider how and what information is exposed for public consumption in a world that increasingly uses social media for business, a new question being asked is: is yesterday’s mail bomb tomorrow’s tweet?
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  • To Post or Not to Post? How Your Social Media Presence Can Help and Hurt Your Career

    Facebook’s new Jobs page will allow businesses to advertise open positions and recruit employees. This begs the question: Is your Facebook profile suitable for potential employers’ eyes?
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  • All About Linux and Linux+

    Linux is all around us, but do you really know what it is? And how does it apply to IT jobs? In this blog post, author, CompTIA instructor and Linux guru Jason Eckert helps to demystify the open-source operating system so you can decide whether or not CompTIA Linux+ is right for you.
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  • CompTIA Certifications Help Sharp Provide Well-Rounded Customer Support

    Sharp Business Systems of North Carolina’s service department helps customers troubleshoot their Sharp devices. But it doesn’t end there. What sets Sharp apart from its competitors is that its technicians work to find a solution. Period.
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  • From Tech Gurus to Sales Staff, CompTIA CyberSecure Makes Everyone Cyber-Aware

    As one of the largest and most acclaimed global accelerated IT training companies, Firebrand Training decided to practice what it preaches. In early 2017 it provided foundational cybersecurity training for all of its staff with CompTIA CyberSecure – a fast, user-friendly tool the whole office could learn from.
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  • Veteran Turned IT Pro Helps Other Veterans Get CompTIA Certified

    Andre Morton’s life after the military wasn’t quite what he expected. But an encounter he had while working as a security guard set him down the IT path, taught him the importance of CompTIA certifications and inspired him to help other veterans get certified and find employment.
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  • Use Cyberstates to Inform Your Job Search

    CompTIA’s annual Cyberstates report and mobile-friendly, interactive tool takes a comprehensive look at the U.S. IT industry and workforce from a national, state and local view. Over the next couple of months, we’re going to dig deeper into some of this data and what it means for IT pros, but for today, we’ll do a quick overview of the report and how you can use the tool.
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  • What's the Big Deal About Accreditation?

    You may have heard that CompTIA certifications are accredited by the International Organization for Standardization and the American National Standards Institute (ISO/ANSI). While that sounds like a good thing, you may be wondering why. What does accreditation really mean, and why does it matter?
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