Pass the Latest Release of Your CompTIA Exam

If a newer version of your CompTIA certification exam is available, you may renew by taking and passing the latest release of the full exam.

Overview and Eligibility

CompTIA regularly updates its exams to make sure they cover the most relevant skills needed to succeed in the role. If a new exam is released during your three-year renewal cycle, you may renew your CompTIA certification by taking and passing the most current version.

Example: If you earned your CompTIA A+ certification by passing the 801/802 exams, you can renew it by passing the CompTIA A+ 901/902 exams during your renewal cycle. Once you pass an exam, you cannot take the same version again to renew your certification.

To see the most current exam versions, select your certification below:

What You Need to Know

Follow these requirements to renew your certification by passing the most current version of the exam.

  • Timing: You must pass the newest version of the CompTIA exam during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Documentation: You do not need to provide specific documentation. When you pass the newest version of the exam within the three-year renewal cycle, CompTIA will automatically renew your certification.
  • Relevance: The current version of the exam must be a newer version than the one you passed when you earned your certification.
  • CE Fees: Continuing Education (CE) fees are waived when you renew your CompTIA certification by taking the newer, most current version of the exam.

Popular Renewal Options

CompTIA Recertification

CompTIA CertMaster CE

CompTIA Certifications (Partial Renewal / Full Renewal)

​Non-CompTIA IT Industry Certifications (Partial Renewal / Full Renewal)

Preapproved Training


If you have questions about specific stages of the certification renewal process, head over to our Help pages to find additional information, or contact our customer service team.

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