Earn a Higher-Level CompTIA Certification

You can renew your CompTIA certification by earning a qualifying, higher-level CompTIA certification.

Overview and Eligibility

Earning or renewing a qualifying higher-level CompTIA certification can also renew your lower-level CompTIA certifications. Click on a certification below to see which ones will automatically renew other CompTIA certifications. This option would only apply if you are going to maintain the higher-level certification once earned.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
CompTIA Security+

Fully renews:Network+ and A+

CompTIA Network+

Fully renews: A+

CompTIA A+

Fully renews: N/A

You can renew certain CompTIA certifications by achieving CompTIA Server+ or CompTIA Linux+ certifications. Click on a certification to see which other CompTIA certification(s) it renews.

CompTIA Server+

Fully renews: Network+ and A+

CompTIA Linux+

Fully renews: A+

What You Need to Know

Follow these requirements to renew your certification by earning a higher-level CompTIA certification.

  • Timing: You must earn the higher-level CompTIA certification during your three-year renewal cycle.
  • Documentation: You do not need to provide specific documentation. When you pass the exam of a valid CompTIA certification within the three-year renewal cycle, CompTIA will automatically renew your certification. 
  • Relevance: The higher-level CompTIA certification must correspond to the lower-level CompTIA certification you are renewing.
  • CE Fees: Continuing Education (CE) fees for your existing CompTIA certification are waived when you renew it by earning a higher-level CompTIA certification.
  • Expiration Date:  If you're planning to renew your CompTIA certification(s) by achieving a higher-level CompTIA certification, please note that your current certification expiration date(s) will be aligned with the expiration date of the higher-level certification (three years from the date you earn the higher-level certification.)​ 
    Example: You currently have an A+ CE certification with an expiration date of June 30, 2020. If you achieve a Network+ CE certification on January 18, 2018 the expiration date will be January 18, 2021. Your A+ certification expiration date will be changed to January 18, 2021 to align with your Network+ expiration date. (A+ would not be renewed for another three years to June 30, 2023.)

Popular Renewal Options

CompTIA Recertification

CompTIA CertMaster CE

CompTIA Certifications (Partial Renewal / Full Renewal)

​Non-CompTIA IT Industry Certifications (Partial Renewal / Full Renewal)

Preapproved Training


If you have questions about specific stages of the certification renewal process, head over to our Help pages to find additional information, or contact our customer service team.

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