CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program

Everything you need to know to keep your certification(s) current

Welcome to the CompTIA Continuing Education Program! Be proud that you’ve chosen a CompTIA certification to grow your IT career. We’re here to help you maintain the investment you’ve made in becoming certified and explain how to keep your certification(s) current.

Renewing your certification(s)

If you’re renewing your certification(s) for the first time, you can use these shortcuts to get an overview of important certification renewal information. Spend a little time reviewing the process and you’ll be on your way.

  1. See a list of renewable CompTIA certifications
    Some certifications can be renewed while others are good for life. If you do not know whether your certification(s) can be renewed, view this certification list.
  2. Learn how to renew your CompTIA certification(s)
    Understand the requirements for certification renewal, including how to renew multiple certifications.
  3. Review activity types to earn CEUs (PDF)
    You’ll need to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) toward your certification renewal. Get an overview of the various ways you can earn CEUs.
  4. CompTIA Continuing Education program fees
    Get details about the annual certification renewal fees.
  5. Know your certification renewal timeline
    Get an overview of the CE renewal cycle. Get up to speed quickly and allow enough time to renew your certification.

Additional information and resources