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  • Updated CompTIA Security+ Exam Available Worldwide

    CompTIA, the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the world’s information technology (IT) workforce, today introduced a new version of its CompTIA Security+ exam. Read More

  • Dublin Tech Dubs CertMaster a ‘Great and Enjoyable Way to Learn’

    Dublin tech Andrew Murphy said after using CertMaster, he felt 100 percent ready to sit for his CompTIA A+ exams. “This way of learning was so much easier and much more enjoyable than reading a textbook … it certainly keeps you interested for much longer,” he said. Read more about his experience with CompTIA’s new neuroscience-based, adaptive learning tool. Read More

  • IT Students Learn from Former Graduates at triOS College

    Priding itself in graduating job-ready IT professionals, Canadian owned and operated triOS sought out vendor-neutral certifications to enhance their offerings. A partnership with CompTIA complemented what the IT-based training center had already built. Read More

  • Virtual IT Hero Uses CertMaster to Level Up

    If climbing the corporate IT ladder was a video game, CompTIA CertMaster would be the golden coin that helps you conquer the end boss. In CompTIA’s new YouTube video, Career Level Up, an entry-level IT technician uses CompTIA CertMaster to take him on an epic journey from his status quo cubicle to an office with a view. Read More

  • Help Fill the Skills Gap by Inspiring Others to Choose a Career in IT

    If you manage or work in an IT company, you are fully aware of the industry’s shortage of skilled professionals — and with the explosive growth of the technology field, the skills shortage will not go away without your help. From educating high school guidance counselors to sponsoring internships to joining CompTIA’s AWIT Community, there are plenty of ways you can get involved with filling the skills gap that affects us all. Read More


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Certification was very heavily emphasized for the whole organization. It was required to maintain employment and to move up the career ladder.
Alex Fogel
Sr. IT Professional, Ricoh & Samsung

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