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  • Meet Your New IT Co-Workers: The Avengers

    Whether you’re answering panicked help desk calls from VPs, connecting a dozen offices into a single conference room or keeping priceless data away from cyber-terrorists, all you IT professionals are the superheroes of the business world. Sure, we don’t flip through comic books or sell out movie theaters to see what you do best, but there is a popular group of people whose adventures and feats mimic those occurring all over the IT industry: The Avengers. Read More

  • CompTIA A+ Brought Music Back Into an IT Pro’s Life

    CompTIA A+ gave Robert Vance his start in IT, and returned his work-life balance to a point where he could once again enjoy his native New Orleans; as he describes it, “the music capital of the world.” Read More

  • The Magic Formula For an IT Career: Attitude and Aptitude

    So you want a career in IT. Maybe it’s because you know the technology industry is growing; in 2014, the U.S. tech industry added 129,600 jobs for a total of 6.5 million. Or maybe it’s because you know IT pays well; on average, tech industry workers continue to be well compensated for their specialized skills, earning 102 percent more than the average private sector worker. Or maybe you’re looking for a career and not just a job; job security in IT is as reliable as it’s ever been. Whatever the reason, it takes attitude and aptitude to get your foot in the door. Here’s how you can do the work, get your certification and brand yourself for the job you want. Read More

  • Staying on Top of IT Trends

    The tech industry never stops evolving. And as the pace of innovation accelerates, certain subsets within the industry stand out as particularly significant, especially IT. Read More

  • Five Things You Need to Know About CompTIA CertMaster

    For National High Five Day, we’re giving props to CompTIA CertMaster. Now, CertMaster may sound like an intimidating, fearsome supervillain. And, in a sense, it is—it’s superpowered when taking on CompTIA certification exams. But for IT professionals like yourself looking to get certified, CertMaster is a true superstar sidekick. Here are five reasons why: Read More


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Passing the exam made it possible for me to earn 17 college credits. That enabled me to take advanced courses in college much sooner, which reduced the time it took to graduate by one and a half semesters. I saved over $3,000 in tuition and books.
Christian Johnson
Hill International

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