Taking the Test

You can purchase a voucher for your exam or you can pay with a credit card when you register to take the test at one of CompTIA's testing partners. Vouchers are available from the CompTIA Marketplace. If you took a class to help you prepare for the exam, be sure and ask your CompTIA Authorized Partner Program trainer if they sell vouchers or include them as part of the training package.

Register for your CompTIA exam through Pearson VUE testing centers. The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals exam is also offered at Certiport testing centers.

  1. Visit their site to find the closest testing center to you.
  2. Create an online account to register for the exam and store your information with the testing center.
  3. Schedule the exam online. You can also register by phone or by contacting the testing center directly. You will be required to enter your voucher number or provide payment information at registration.
  4. You will receive e-mail confirmation of your registration including any additional details you may need from the testing center.

Preparing for Performance-Based Questions

In addition to the traditional multiple-choice format, several CompTIA exams include performance-based questions, which test an IT professional's ability to solve problems.  Both performance-based questions and multiple-choice questions are included in the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), Network+, Security+, and the A+ 800 series exams.

What is a performance based question?
Performance-based questions require the candidate to perform a task or solve a problem in a simulated environment.

Know what to expect

  • The exam will instruct you to perform a specific task or solve a problem.
  • A simulated environment is launched and you’ll need to complete the required steps.
  • Many performance based questions appear at the beginning of the test allowing the individual more time to answer.
  • Manage your time wisely. A clock will be visible when working on multiple choice questions but cannot be seen during performance based questions.
  • If you don’t feel confident about answering a performance based question, move to the next question.Click the “Done” box if you have completed any work toward the answer, mark the question for review, and come back later.Your work will be saved.

Try answering a sample performance based question
Answer Key to performance based question
Performance Based FAQ

Other helpful tips

  • Download the exam objectives for your CompTIA exam, understand those skills described, and be able to apply that knowledge in a real world environment. To help anticipate topics that might be addressed with performance based questions, pay special attention to objectives that lend themselves to multi-faceted scenarios.
  • Use home equipment to help learn the tasks needed for your exam.If you don't have the needed hardware then try the Internet. Vendor websites, YouTube tutorials and tech forums offer valuable information found in exam objectives.
  • If possible, get real experience.You’ll be more successful on performance-based questions if you have the ability to practice the skills — either in a simulated environment, on a computer, at work, or in class with live labs.
  • Organize what you learn.Try creating charts and bullet lists to better remember the information.
  • Use practice exams.Practice exams are useful because they allow you to see the kinds of questions you’ll encounter during the test.
  • Review, review, review. If you have remaining time left, go back and check your answers.
  • Do NOT make the mistake of using “brain dump” sites, or sites that claim to have actual test questions.In addition to running the risk that CompTIA will revoke your certification (see Exam Policies)CompTIA regularly refreshes the questions on exams to discourage cheating and encourage preparation that will result in success not just on the exam, but on the job.

Watch “Taking Your CompTIA Exam”

Testing can be unnerving but with careful preparation and following these tips, your chances of passing can improve.  Good luck! 

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