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Meet CompTIA CertMaster. It’s a revolutionary new way to learn and prepare for your certification exam. CertMaster can help you master the CompTIA curriculum, gain confidence and make learning fun. It’s your study companion that gives you an edge, understands how you learn and helps you succeed on your exam.

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Your Online Study Companion

CompTIA CertMaster is an online learning tool we’ve designed to make it easy and convenient to study for your certification exam. You won’t find long pages of text to read or lectures to watch.  Instead, you’ll start answering questions right away and learn at your own pace. CertMaster constantly analyzes your answers and adjusts your path through the course as you learn. If you need additional learning to strengthen your knowledge, that’s available, too, just when you need it.

CompTIA CertMaster will help you:

  • Master information quickly
  • Recall information when it counts
  • Remember information long-term
  • Test with confidence
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CertMaster Gives You an Edge

CompTIA CertMaster covers all the objectives of the exam just like a traditional reference guide, but CertMaster has more to offer. It’s a clever online tool that uses brain science expertise and game design techniques to help you remember information longer and recall it when it counts – on the exam. Plus, you learn at your own pace: CertMaster bookmarks your progress and you continue where you left off the next time you log in.

Learn on-the-go

CertMaster runs in your browser and resizes to fit your device such as a workstation or tablet. There’s also a CertMaster app for smaller mobile devices such as the iPhone or Android smartphones. Get the app on the Apple Store or on Google Play. Learning has never been more convenient, more effective and more enjoyable! 

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CertMaster is an easy way to receive CEUs. Certified professionals who hold CompTIA certifications based on earlier exam objectives can receive CEUs for completing a CertMaster course based on the latest exam objectives. For example, an A+ 220-701 certified professional can use CertMaster A+ 220-801 towards CEUs.

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CertMaster Understands How You Learn

CompTIA CertMaster adjusts its teaching journey to the way you learn best. It helps you learn new information and reinforces what you already know. It delivers an adaptive learning experience to build your confidence for your certification exam, including: 

  • Remember more and remember longer: CertMaster is based on the latest brain science findings to make learning easier and more effective.
  • Learn fast: CertMaster continually tests your knowledge and confidence to identify gaps and close them. It quickly moves you through the topics you already know so you can focus on what you still need to learn to achieve complete mastery. You’ll learn fast and you’ll have fun doing it.
  • Review and refresh: CertMaster comes with advanced study elements such as review and refresh tools that are always available to help you reinforce key concepts.
  • Want to know even more? Download our white paper “Online Learning’s Next Frontier” to read the concept behind CertMaster and learn what makes it special.

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CertMaster Helps You Succeed on Your Mission

Whether you are an IT professional and you want to take your IT to the next level with a CompTIA certification, or you are an employer with IT technicians and IT staff, CompTIA CertMaster is a great way to prepare yourself or help others prepare for their exam.

CompTIA CertMaster is available for the exams:

Learn more:

  • CertMaster for IT professionals: Level Up Your Career (PDF download)
  • CertMaster for Employers: Get Your Staff Trained & Certified (PDF download)

CompTIA Academy and Delivery Partners

CompTIA CertMaster improves the efficiency of your instruction, allowing you to check on the progress of your team members using advance learning analytics.  You can identify areas where the whole class or individual students may need additional help before taking the exam.

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“CertMaster is like a memory game. It does what it professes to do – helps you learn a great deal of information in the shortest possible time.” 

“This is perfect for any skill level. The explanations were clear and concise. Loved the images throughout and will continue to work through the modules.” 

96% of CompTIA CertMaster users rated the new tool as excellent or good.

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