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CompTIA certifications can help you get an interview or get a job.

Promote Your Certified Status

LinkedIn: You can add your certifications to your LinkedIn profile, along with other things like Languages, Patents, Publications and Skills.

  1. Go to “Edit Profile,” and find the option to add sections, including certifications.
  2. Fill in the “Certification Name” field. Remember to use CompTIA in front of the name, i.e. “CompTIA A+,” to be sure your profile will show up in searches.
  3. Fill-in “CompTIA” under Certification Authority and save.

Blue Ribbon Techs: You can add your CompTIA certification logos to your credential profile at Blue Ribbon Techs, which is an online service providing techs a single place to provide clients with verified industry credentials. You can display CompTIA certification badges on your online profile at, a professional talent database for contractors owned by Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd.

Find Jobs for CompTIA Certified Professionals

Field Nation: Breaks out contracting job listings that require CompTIA certification.

You can also use our job placement tool to find jobs associated with CompTIA certified skills.

Get Certified Today!
After receiving a CompTIA A+ certification, I immediately got my first job with a good salary. Having this certification gives me more confidence.
Sonani Bhavesh Kumar Parsottam Bhai
System Administrator, Radiant

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