IT Career Paths

The IT industry offers a multi-pronged career roadmap in key technology areas for individuals new to the field and IT professionals in transition.

Regardless of the path chosen, CompTIA credentials can be essential stepping stones in achieving this goal. CompTIA CertMaster is the perfect first step to get you started preparing for your exams.

For each of the IT careers below, view and read about IT pros in those professions within our IT career roadmap or, check out the Test Drive an IT Career Video Series.


  • Information Security [+]

    • Cybersecurity is a top technology area where businesses say they want to improve, according to CompTIA market research. Thousands of cybersecurity professionals are needed to design and implement security measures that thwart attacks on computer systems, networks and data. The average IT security professional makes more than $103,000 a year. CompTIA Security+ covers network security, compliance and operational security, cryptography, threats and vulnerabilities, and identity management for security professionals with at least two years of experience. For IT professionals ready to work at a higher level of security, consider the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification. The CASP exam covers the technical knowledge and skills required to conceptualize, design and engineer secure solutions across complex enterprise environments.

  • Network and Cloud Technologies [+]

    • Businesses rate managing networks and infrastructure as the most important IT skills for their business success. Learn to install, configure and administer the networking equipment and network services responsible for the flow of information in and around organizations and you can bring home an average salary of $69,000 a year. You can get started with foundation programs like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI and CompTIA Server+, which can lead to high-paying jobs such as server technician, system administrator, network support technician, Internet systems administrator and field support technician.

      For working in virtual networks, CompTIA offers CompTIA Cloud+ certification for IT professionals who must understand and deliver cloud infrastructure. For business executives who want to better understand how to leverage cloud computing,theCompTIA Cloud Essentials specialty certification demonstrates that an individual knows what cloud computing means from a business and technical perspective, as well as what is involved in moving to and governing the cloud.

  • Hardware, Services and Infrastructure [+]

    • IT jobs in this area can provide a perfect entry point into an IT career. Learn to build and maintain the foundations of an organization’s IT environment while bringing home $68,000 a year in average salary. CompTIA A+ is the rite of passage for IT, help desk, network support, field support and service center technicians.

  • IT Management and Strategy [+]

    • IT directors and chief information officers drive the strategic use of technology within an enterprise. Earning an average salary of $103,000, they mesh their business acumen with tech skills to see how best to improve a company’s success. Intermediate certifications that support this career path are CompTIA Project+, which examines the entire project management process from initiation, planning, execution through to closure. CompTIA CDIA+ covers the knowledge needed for a career in the digital imaging and enterprise content management industry. 

  • Storage and Data [+]

    • Big Data is one of the fastest growing areas of IT. Learn to install, safeguard, predict usage and resolve shortages of electronic storage and data and you could make an average of $94,000 a year in salary. Get started with a CompTIA A+ certification and then level up with CompTIA Storage+ powered by SNIA.

  • Web and Mobile [+]

    • A perfect place to combine your creativity and critical thinking is in building websites and then optimizing them for mobile environments. Web professionals average $87,000 in yearly salary and manage devices and build compelling end-user experiences on websites, landing pages and mobile platforms. Start with CompTIA A+ and as you advance to optimize IT for mobile uses, then get your CompTIA Mobility+ certification, which covers the knowledge and skills required to understand and research capabilities of various mobile devices and aspects of over-the-air technologies.

  • Software Development [+]

    • Are you an innovator and creative thinker?  Learn to write code and create software that entertains the masses, offers businesses a competitive edge, and frees people from repetitive and mundane tasks. Plus software developers average $104,000 a year in annual salary. Start with CompTIA A+ and progress to CompTIA Mobile App Security+, which ensures that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to design and build secure software applications.

  • Training [+]

    • Help others achieve their aspirations by sharing your technical expertise as an instructor. It trainers average a yearly salary of $76,000. Couple your technical certifications with training credentials like the expert-level CompTIA CTT+ certification, which trains prospective technical instructors in classroom preparation, presentation techniques, communication, facilitation and evaluation in both traditional and virtual classroom environments. Successful completion steers professionals on this path toward job roles including certified technical trainer, e-learning designer and technical writer.

  • Office Productivity [+]

    • Master your office skills and watch how smoothly your projects flow. This entry-level career step pays an average of $37,000. Start with getting your CompTIA A+ certification.

  • Just Starting Out [+]

    • Demonstrating a level of competence in basic technology skills is a valuable asset in the business administration field. CompTIA IT Fundamentals offers validation in basic technology knowledge. This can lead to job functions including sales engineer, account manager and business development manager.

  • Emerging Technologies [+]

    • As the U.S. transitions to electronic medical records, the healthcare IT industry is exploding with opportunities for skilled professionals who have both healthcare and IT knowledge. The CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate covers the knowledge and skills required to implement, deploy and support healthcare IT systems in various clinical settings. Sample job functions include implementation support specialist and technical/software support specialist.

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