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Virtually all organizations rely on computer and information technology to conduct business and operate efficiently. Strong IT industry prospects, even in a tough economy, have helped to sustain a growing and competitive field across the globe.

In an effort to keep ahead of changing technology and business conditions, employers are demanding workers with skills and expertise in a variety of related fields. More and more, those employers seek applicants with technical or professional certification.

Earning industry certifications proves you not only have the proper skillset, but the dedication and commitment to your IT career to continue learning.

CompTIA offers baseline international standards to help prepare and identify qualified and knowledgeable IT professionals. Our certifications serve as the core for expanding to other vendor specific certifications.

Learn more about how a number of CompTIA certifications can put your career on a fast track along several IT career paths.

CompTIA has resources to help IT students, career changers and employers navigate training and a changing IT workforce.
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Certifications like CompTIA A+ are a very good way of ensuring everyone reaches a common level of understanding. It allows us to set a course benchmark from which everyone can proceed with their learning.
Rob Warrender
Principal Lecturer, University of Sunderland

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